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Big Hole Watershed Committee's Fundraiser:

Predator Management in the Big Hole Watershed

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MT Public Radio Interview
June 13, 2017

A few weeks ago, Rachel Cramer with Montana Public Radio met us at our livestock carcass compost site near Wisdom to conduct an interview about  See more


Help raise funds to support nonlethal predator management in the Big Hole watershed, SW Montana! We remove carcass attractant from local ranches BEFORE predators become problem animals requiring lethal removal, helping ranchers and wildlife to coexist peacefully.

Wolves kill cows. So do bears. This is just a part of life in Montana, where ranchers own the majority of the private land and are the primary contributors to our economy. 

That's why the Big Hole Watershed Committee, a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to conservation of our beautiful Big Hole valley, supports nonlethal management IN ADDITION to lethal management. Problem animals must be dealt with (often lethally), but we aim to remove the problem FIRST so predators don't become problem animals. We have some programs in place that do just that, because the Big Hole is home to predators as well as livestock producers, and we all need to learn to coexist. 

We currently have 1 range rider, a livestock carcass compost facility, and a livestock carcass removal program that takes carcasses from local ranches and transports them to the compost site, where they're broken down into small amounts of dirt. We do this to reduce predator attractant on the landscape and to make predators hunt for their meals, the way they're supposed to

This is a win-win. Wolves, bears, and mountain lions get to live like they're meant to, livestock producers don't lose their animals (and thus their livelihoods) to depredation, and children and pets are also safer because predators aren't being conditioned to come into areas where humans live and work. 

Did we mention you get a lot of "bang for your buck"? $14,000 funds our range rider for an entire season. With just $5,000, we can manage our compost site for the rest of the year. For $200, we could buy signs for our compost site. 

But there aren't a lot of grants available to cover these expenses, and that's where you come in. We need your help and support, because delays and cuts to Federal funding have left us a bit under budget this year. 

If you think these programs sound worthwhile, please make a contribution to BHWC today. It can be any amount, even $5. Every little bit helps, and these programs are so worth their cost. 

We wanted the wolves here - now we have to do our part to help ranchers live with them. Please make a donation today to help protect our wildlife and maintain our way of life in the Big Hole valley.



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