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Help Family Pay Vet Cost for Dogs Rescued From Flood

Organized by: Kathy Bishop

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Rescued Dog in a "Forever Home"
November 16, 2016

After everything we have been through with this poor animal, we have decided that we could never give her up. She has proven herself as a dedicated See More


Before "Baby" came into our life during the SC Flooding, I already had two dogs. My monthly Disability Check was only enough to cover food costs for two weeks. I never imagined having another mouth to feed, nonetheless 8 puppies too! Now that "Baby" and her puppy "Bear" are a part of our family, my monthly Disability Check feeds them a little over 1 week. BUT I wouldn't have it any other way because the joy they give me is "priceless".

Now I beg the public to help me raise enough money to not only cover food costs, but vet visits too. "Baby" needs all of her shots and testing before she can be spayed. The initial vet bill will be approx $240. Since the previous abusive owners obviously never took her when she was a puppy for the necessary shots, she must be tested for a multitude of different diseases and begin receiving her schedule of shots. Only after these tests are negative for diseases that can be transferred between dogs and she's completed her shot schedule, can she be scheduled to be spayed. The longer she waits, the more likely she can die from a silent disease that may be lurking in her body and the possibility of her getting pregnant again increases. 

"Baby" endured abuse that may forever affect her. I want to give her the life she deserves to have, along with her son "Bear", and to never wonder when there next meal will be.

Here is "Baby's" story...( PLEASE READ so you will understand)

South Carolina had a DISASTER when there was state wide FLOODING in October, 2015. A PREGNANT and ABUSED Boxer/Pitt Bull Mix female DOG knew she had to save her unborn babies and escaped from her ABUSIVE owner only to find herself caught in the rising water, afraid and alone. A neighbor called me after noticing the very young and frightened dog hanging around the neighborhood for several days. It was obvious that she didn't belong to anyone in our immediate area. After living in the same home for over 16 years, I knew all the local dogs. I already had two dogs of my own but I knew the poor dog would surely drown if she wasn't quickly RESCUED! I took my 14 year old daughter with me to try to tempt the dog into my car with some doggie treats. Unfortunately it became clear really fast that she had very little previous contact with people and that she had been abused. I could count every bone in her body and in her ribs. She appeared to have been recently pregnant and I didn't know if there were any puppies nearby. There were whip marks over her body and she was absolutely terrified. Later I would discover that the black padding on the bottom of her paws had been sliced off with razor blades. It took over two hours in the cold pouring rain before I was able to get close enough to her to get a leash around her neck. Had she not been starving, I may have never caught her with the treats that I had brought with me. Once the leash was on her, she was bucking all over the place trying to break free like a bronco horse. Without thinking, I picked her up and as quick as my daughter could open the back door of the car, I carefully put her in, then drove straight to the local 24 hour animal hospital. The vet assistant checked her for a microchip but there wasn't one. The owner probably didn't want to take a chance of being caught and prosecuted for the apparent mistreatment of this poor animal. The vet assistant said there was no way that she was still pregnant and if she was, then all of the puppies were surely dead due to her physical condition. Nobody at the clinic was willing to take her so without much choice, we took her home. It was very difficult getting her to trust anybody. I had to keep her separate from my own dogs, cat, and pet bird. Every time she needed to use the restroom, I took her out on a leash. I was afraid I wouldn't get her back into the house otherwise and the flooding was everywhere and constantly getting worse. My home was damaged and my sheds and vehicles were eventually destroyed in the water. None of that mattered though because even though the scared dog was living in a cut out large box filled with blankets and pillows on the floor in my den, she was safe. To everyone's delight, with my help, on November 7th, 2015, eight (8) perfect puppies were born. After that, the once doomed dog, knew she was home where she belonged and began trusting me. She began to trust my daughter and husband too over time. Even though to this day she's still afraid of men and will still coward down to my husband for no apparent reason, she's now a permanent part of this family. I was able to find homes for five (5) of the puppies and a local rescue group took two (2) of them for me. The last puppy, a boy, needed surgery for an umbilical hernia. On March 10, 2016, he received his surgery and was neutered at the same time. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate a local Vet that is willing to offer their services to give his momma, now named "Baby", a complete check up, shots, and to spay her. "Baby" has breathing difficulties at times and snores loudly when she sleeps. She is already in "heat" again too. Therefore, it is urgent to get her to a vet as quickly as possible to keep her from becoming pregnant again. It is possible that she will need a lifetime of medication therapy to help with her breathing problems. Now the scared, abused, and pregnant dog I rescued in October is healthy looking and looking forward to life. PLEASE HELP "BABY" LIVE THE LIFE SHE DESERVES TO HAVE BY DONATING TO HER CAUSE. 100% of Money Donated will go to "BABY" and her puppy "Bear" !!!! They need to visit vet for tests, shots, and spay.  Monthly Disability Check isn't enough to cover expenses! Dog food is very expensive when there are 4 dogs to feed.



2% Raised of $2,000 Goal

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Organized by

Kathy Bishop

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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tamara bloomhuff

tamara bloomhuff


Good luck, with this pretty girl, I have 4 rescues myself 2 years ago




All dogs deserve a second chance at happiness 2 years ago

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