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Pregnant Woman Needs Help for Newborn and 2 other babies

Organized by: Christine Davis

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EVENT DATE Mar 14, 2016


Who am I? I am a loyal friend to a very dear lady with 2 children and one on the way trying to help her make it in this world alone. Who (or what) you’re raising money for? I am trying to raising money for my friend to surprise her with a car of her own and all the supplies she needs to take care of a newborn and her two children so that she can have this new baby coming this March. How the money will be used? The money will be used to purchase a car for her and provided supply for everything she needs to take care of a newborn baby and her two other babies. How soon you need the funds? I would like to see it happen by March of 2016 so she can drive her new baby home to my house until we can find a place for her to live and raise her children the way they should be raised. She is a great mother and needs some helping hands to change her life and make it a better life for herself and her 3 babies. Why this means so much to you? Because my Friend Trooper, would give the shirt off her back for anyone and I love and care very much for her wellbeing and the babies well beings. She is a good heart person and just got messed up with getting involved with a man that can care less about anything but himself and doesn’t except his children as his. How thankful you will be? How thankful I would be to know that there are still lots of good caring people in this world that really do care about others wellbeing, I would give praise to the person who created this site to help raise and fund money for people in need. I would be so very grateful to all those who donated funds for this cause and I would be willing to help more people in need that want to make their life better and have place to call home that They deserved. But most of all I would love to see the surprise on my friends face when I tell her that I found this site and how wonderful it is and that all these people whom donated to her cause care about her and her child and they wanted you to have the life that you deserve and never have to walking the streets or riding bikes with your babies in your arms or in a set on a bike. This is my Story, I have a very dear friend that I spend a lot of time with and I amtry to help her with her baby girl age 2 years of ages, as well her baby boy age 1 year and very soon this March 2016 she will soon have a 3 baby. My Friends Name is, will call her Trooper, is a woman that is a very honest and is a loyal person and she is My Friend. My friend’s life has been a little bit hard for her. I met her about 4 years ago and have been getting to know her and her two beautiful children and I am excited to get to know the new little one in the oven coming this March 2016. Troopers life has NOT BEEN an easy life, Trooper lived with her mother, Troopers, mother’s was the care giver for her mom for years and her siblings turned on her mom and made her leave the home where she has been living and caring for her mother for many years, she had to leave and relocated to another area. Trooper got left behind with 2 kids, and had to go back and live at her babies’ dads’ house where she had to live in an abuses relationship, having to jump over fence where they live to get into the backyard where they had to live in a shed in the back of house. Pregnant and her two children. Dad never helps with the children. He beats on my friend Trooper, Trooper would call me for help once the father of the children has kicked her out from the shed she lived with her 2 children, calling her very voguer language swinging her around by the hair, giving her black eyes and so much more. Trooper, was no car, no home, her family lives out of the area and she has no one around to support her. I am a loyal person and care very deeply for Trooper and very fond of her kids. She is a great mom. Her two year old daughter has a very rare disease which she is seen by Stanford Drs. in California. My Friend Trooper is very protective of her daughter with this medical disease where the doctors are very strict as to what this 2 year old can eat. I am sorry I don’t recall the medical name for her disease but it is very harmful to this child and could kill her if she eats foods that she is not allowed to eat. The child’s father disagrees with what doctors have to say and will give her anything she wants. When mom leaves for a moment and asked the dad to watch the children he does, but when she gets back she finds some stranger walking with her children. The father will not provide for his children nor his girlfriend. He will not get a job he thinks that doing his trade and barter work is enough. There is so many things that I see happen with my friends it’s hard to put it all down on paper and I am ask for help for her. When the dad gets in his mood he makes my friend Trooper drive bikes early in the morning around 1 or 2 am to go hustle for money with the kids on bikes. These kids are lucky to get baths or feed by their dad. He only thinks of himself and is really unfit to be dad or a provider to his children. However my friend is a very good mom her children come first to her, however she is had no choice but to move back with her abuser boyfriend so that she had a place to lay her children down. That is until she meet me. Now I keep her kids with me if she has to go out and they all sleep in my warm house and sleep, and are feed, and give baths and get to bed and a normal time for babies. And I am happy to be able to help to ensure that her and her children are safe. When the dad is mad he tells her that the kids are not his, and that this pregnant lady is sleeping around with other men and he believes what he is says. My friend is not that type of girl, whenever there is trouble with him and the kids, she calls me and I go pick her and the kids up and get them cleaned up and feed she will spent several nights with me and when she is forced to go back to living in the shed with this man, he just abuses her more and uses voguer language around her and the babies. He believes that a newborn can live with them in a shed outside in this very, very, cold time of the year. There was another occasion when my Friend was kicked out of the shed one night and she had to sleep with the kids in a stroller in front of the house until the next morning when the dad’s brother let her and her two children into the house. When the dad goes to do his hustling he leaves her sitting in a Conner somewhere to wait with her two kids for him for hours. So I would like to ask you for your help in funding money to purchase a car for my friend and supplies for all the needs for a newborn and 2 other very dear babies to me. Thank you So much God bless all who donated.


Organized by

Christine Davis

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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