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CROWDRISE : Jan 30, 2015
Tax ID: 46-3381505
BASED: Palm Beach, FL, United States


Our Mission

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Premier FC is dedicated to improving the lives of Palm Beach’s underserved youth. Our mission is three-fold. To foster a movement within Palm Beach and South Florida to embrace healthy/active lifestyles, support and raise our graduation rate and to foster community pride and involvement. We want the communities we serve, the children and families from all walks of life, to embrace physical activities and to focus on better nutrition and education.

As the most popular sport in the world, soccer is played internationally in every backyard, school ground and beach. In the U.S., more and more children are joining soccer leagues and programs at all different levels. We believe it is important to focus on introducing and developing the sport at a grass roots level.

We aim to provide the opportunity to fall in love with the game of soccer, which can add so much to the experience of childhood, as well as create healthy and positive habits that are useful at any age.

The foundation is committed to support education in order to break the cycle of poverty in low-income communities.The academy supports and monitors the children's academic status with tutor assistance, school partnerships, and positive reinforcement. This allows them to develop new learning skills at an early age, which has proven to be a catalyst in increasing their fields of interest and overall performance in the classroom. Education combined with sport can be a valuable tool set to help battle the complexities of everyday life.

Every community provides a unique source of pride for its residents, regardless of the landscape. We hope to harness this pride in order to develop better community members. Learning, at a young age, the ability to listen and work with others develops a compassionate understanding of the world they live in and the relationship between self and others. Our community projects help children appreciate the results of working together for a common goal, as well as the rewarding feelings associated with accomplishing something good for others.


We have based our training program as a player development club, under the guidance of our director of coaching and his staff.

Unlike other youth programs, where the club is built around the constant addition of players from other clubs to build success for the club itself, the only aspect that truly matters and determines success of the team and club is the education and the development of players through our training program.

We strive to develop a common level of ability in all players so that they all participate in every competition the club is involved in. Our elite program seeks to build on our academy training program, and is specifically catered to those players who seek a higher level of success in soccer.

We seek to develop young men and women equipped to take on great challenges in the future, whether in the sport or not.

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Tax ID: 46-3381505 •




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86% Raised of $10,000 Goal