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Preparing Children for a Brighter and Better Future

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“We’re just two Navy guys who want to make a difference, one that will improve the lives of children.” Adrian Villasenor is the CEO and Co-Founder of God’s Eye Charity. What inspired him to work on a project like this? “I was a sniper corpsman in the United States Navy. In combat a few years ago our men were taking fire while moving from compound to compound to close with and confront our enemies. As we maneuvered, we ran past this heap of clothing, only to realize that it was a child, no more than 3 or 4 years old, face down on the ground. I wanted to go back. I even put my weapon down (I wasn’t thinking straight), but was stopped by a good friend and brother. He said that it was too late and he didn’t want me risking my life. At that moment my life changed forever. Kojo, my Ghanaian-American brother, presented the orphanage to me and we just had to help Isaac (founder of the orphanage) to expand. I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing after seeing the atrocities that happen to children all over the world. So I came back with a God-driven purpose – a passion to help children. I want to become a doctor one day, but that is still years away. With these orphans, however, I can do something about the problem today. So, here we are. Helping those in need now – not tomorrow – and it fills me with joy. I pray that others will join our movement.” Emmanuel Kojo Trenoo, CFO and Co-Founder, was born in Accra, Ghana. Kojo, what motivated you to want to make a difference in children’s lives? “I attended St Peters secondary school, a highly prestigious catholic school in Ghana and pursued a diploma in Science. After which I got accepted into the University of Ghana, Legon to start a degree in Biological Science with the intention of completing a degree in medicine. After my first year, I dropped out and moved with my family to the United States to start a new life. I continued my education in New Jersey and eventually join the Navy to become a Navy medic. My decision to join the navy was very strategic as it paved many avenues and opportunities for me education wise and stability wise. Currently served for almost 6 years and it has been a good ride. Currently pursuing a bachelor's in Environmental Health Science and Safety, a degree that I will like to use to help improve the environmental conditions in Ghana. Growing up in Ghana presented many challenges. Personally, I didn’t grow up poor but grew up in a very under deprived neighborhood and surrounded by many kids that were uncared for either due to loss of parents or parents not having money to cater for them. I felt the need to always help out. Life in America gave me the means to help out every now and then and eventually through mutual friends I connected with Mr. Ankomah who made my calling of helping orphans come true. My aim American partner, Mr. Villasenor has been very instrumental in the movement of trying to make these underdeveloped countries a living place for kids with the goal of expanding our already established orphanage, the vision of building a charity hospital and supporting and championing as many good causes as possible to make life bearable for the needy.” God’s Eye Charity is a non-profit US organization that aims to give children a better life by building and maintaining safe and loving homes for orphans, by providing each orphan with nutritious food, clothing, and medical care, and educating each of them to the highest standards. We hope to not only provide these basic needs for our children, but we also want to help them reach their full potential and empower them to also shape the world around them! Our Orphanage, located in Ghana, was founded in 2009 by Isaac Ankomah. Based out of his home, God’s Eye Orphanage was established on humanitarian grounds as a place of compassion, education, and integrity. Initially, the orphanage cared for 40 children. Unfortunately, due to economic constraints (it costs $100 per month to properly care for a child); Isaac was forced to prioritize his care by which children needed him the most. Today, there are 15 children in the home. However, our goal is to increase that number to where it began! Without organizations like ours, it is nearly impossible for orphaned children to avoid growing up accustomed to criminal behavior and suffering. This is why we do everything we can to ensure the children in our home receive a positive education, have clean accommodations, enjoy three good meals a day, attend church on Sundays and live in a positive environment for personal growth. Our motto is “Preparing Children for a Brighter and Better Future” With your help, we can make this possible! Donations will help feed, educate, and shelter these children. Your donations will also help in the expansion of more orphanage facilities to support more orphaned children; our healthcare clinic; and private education for the children. We also accept non-monetary donations and we welcome volunteers to help us in our campaign to help these children! For more information, please visit our website Whatever you can do, we at God’s Eye appreciate you and so will our children! Please share our campaign with others so we can, together, make a difference in these kid’s lives!



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