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Preparing for life's challenges.

Organized by: Marie Allen

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I'm 44 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2011. I fractured my pelvis in four places without doing anything to cause such horrific damage. I was in a wheelchair and my second husband left me because I couldn't have inner course. I had to give up my home and vehicle to him because I have very manipulative, controlling and abusive parent's who coerced me into giving over everything. I'm still being abused by my parents and ex husband from all the above except physically. Last year on Easter was the last time I have been physically abused by my step dad when he pushed me backwards twice and the police wouldn't arrest him. During this time period in 2011. I have become homeless and had to have an eight inch screw put through my pelvis in April, 2012. It has been lose which causes tremendous pain and I'm uncomfortable. I also have my L5 S1 separated into two pieces and bone is rubbing bone and the surgeon's said that I'll never be a candidate for surgery. My two youngest son's had to go live with their father and I just started getting my disability in October, 2014. Out of the $742.00 a month social security disability income I've had to start paying $300.00 a month for child support and a $105.00 for Medicare. I bring home $337.00 a month. Last year I got my back pay and I was able to purchase a comfortable couch, recliner, and new mattresses. I thought things were finally coming together when I found a two bedroom apartment for rent and the boy's could come stay with me. I have only had my youngest son Sammy the youngest son over one night to stay in the last few year's.We just got out of court because of my ex husband and my parents coercing them by telling them that they didn't have to follow the court order for visitation because it doesn't state that the law enforcement can intervene. Sammy is 16 and Christian is getting ready to turn 19. I found an apartment last July and paid for six months rent and deposit. I specifically asked about whether there has ever been mold there and the landlord and her son both told me no. I had to have six people to help move me . I had almost gotten everything unpacked when the utility company came to turn on the gas on in the basement. I never thought once about looking down stairs because I wouldn't be using it. He came back upstairs and told me that there was 2 to 3 inches of stagnant water and mold. I contacted my landlord right away and she said that they would get right on it and never did anything about it. That was July 9, 2015 and on August 4, 2015 I contacted everyone that I could possibly think of. I learned really quick that if you're not on subsidise housing you really don't have any rights. Slum lord's can get away with anything. I finally got a hold of the housing inspector and he said that he would right them a letter giving them 30 day's to have it completely fixed. He gave them until September 4, 2015 to respond. They said they never received a letter. I talked to the housing inspector regarding my severe allergies and breathing issues and he told me that I should probably go ahead and move out because I was getting worse. I moved out on August 27, 2015. My things are in storage and the company that handles mold issues told me that my couch, recliner and two new set's of mattresses were not in condition to use any longer. I just bought them when I moved in. I have hired a Mid Missouri Legal aide attorney and I'm out almost $9000.00 and he said that I'd be lucky to get $2000.00. The landlord wants me to pay their attorney fees. I've been homeless and staying from couch to couch and I am about to lose everything in storage if I can't keep storage paid. I'm probably not going to be able to afford a phone much longer. I'm a adult survivor of childhood physical abuse, mental, verbal and molestation. I suffer from PTSD, bipolar and fybromyalgia for several year's now. I am going to see a physcolgist, therapist and a case worker every two weeks. I was able to walk by a mirror and look back for a double take to tell myself how worthy I'm worthy and I love myself! I have been getting treatment for the abuse sense I was 19 year's old and that's how long it has taken to be able to forgive myself and to actually love love me! That's why I am asking for your kindness and understanding to help if you possibly can. Prayers work also. Please pray that I can find a home soon because my two youngest son's father has stage four cancer and it doesn't look like he's going to pull through it much longer. I just want a home to comfort my children and a place we can lay our heads and rest. I just need some peace of mind and also have some transportation reliable to make necessary doctors appointments and things. I bought a used 2006 Ford Five Hundred with my back pay from disability but now it's costing more and more to keep it running and as of last month I have no car insurance.


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