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Prevent Hunger

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   Due to the uneven distribution of food as a result of factors like poverty,ignorance,pests and disease,drought and land infertility, huge is the number of people in other parts of the world who cannot afford the three square meals a day. I am Isaac Nawaf Abadeleseb,a health student in Istanbul,Turkey.Been born and raised in Ghana,I have had the personal experience and the encouter with the people living in the rural parts of the country.The survival of the people immensely and almost completely depends on cultivating of root crops.Taro plant,also known as Colocasiae Esculenta was one of the root crops cultivated for it’s edible tubers and leaves.It was one of the sources of food for the people. However in May 2009, an out-break of a destructive leaf disease was observed in several farms in the earstern part of Ghana and by 2010,it had spread all over the Taro cultivatings farms in the country.Symptoms began on leaves as brown water-soaked lesions that enlarged into bigger lesions with yellow exudate,ultimatemaly leading to the defoliation of the leaves and death of the plant.As a result,the plant could not thrive and is on extinction in the country.This symptom has been found to be associated with the Taro Leaf Blight(TLB) disease which is caused by Phytopthora Colocasiae. In response to the above,disease surveys and management strategies that include resistant varieties are needed to enable the cultivation of the plant.Hence,I did a research and found out that countries in the South-east Asia and the Pacifics like Samoa and Hawaii regard the plant more as cultural and a staple food.According to the research ,these countries once experienced the same disease outbreak.Specifically Samoa experienced the outbreak in 1993 followed by  other countries like Hawaii.In view of the situasion,a series of research studies were conducted which led to the production of numerous improved resistant varieties and  developed sustainable cultural and biological practices geared towards successful cultivation and abundant yield of the crop. In view of the bove ,in order to bring Taro plant back in Ghana,three basic things are required.They are; Education and Training Skills Implementation strategies Having established contact with Moafanua Tolo Iosefa,the Samoan Taro Project Coordinator and Jerry Kanunui who is known as the father of Taro in Hawaii, a team of five taro farmers from Ghana will be sent to Samoa for an intensive two-week education and training and skills acquisition.After that the pilot project would be set to go but your support and assistance is kindly needed. Below is the buget breakdown; ITEMS ESTIMATED COST Internal and external transportation $ 7,500 Education and Training $ 5,000 Farm inputs,tools and equipments $ 6,000 New improved resistant variety of Taro $ 2,000 Labor $ 3,500 Total $ 25,000.00   Dear donors,your fund will go a long way to provide food for and reduce hunger among the people. Thank you for your time.      



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