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Priderock Wildlife Refuge

Priderock Wildlife Refuge
CROWDRISE : Aug 29, 2012
Tax ID: 75-2792911
BASED: Terrell, TX, United States


Priderock Wildlife Refuge

A Mission Like No Other

Labor of Love

The PrideRock Mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by keeping a solemn promise we make to each animal that is accepted, that this will be their final and permanent home for the remainder of their lives. The sacrifices and committments have long term economic and personal implications, but to share your life with these magnificent animals is a blessing and reward like no other. Then as part of the mission, PrideRock Wildlife Refuge creates species-appropriate enclosures with enrichment and recreational areas for its residents, with each animal being given specific diets and nutritional provisions as well as veterinary care. This enables PrideRock to provide many educational opportunities for the public, such as summer internships for college students, a platform for the implementation of projects by groups such as the Boy Scouts, Wildlife Society members, and volunteers in general who spread the word about the plight of exotic animals in captivity.  

Tax ID: 75-2792911 •


PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

PrideRock Wildlife Refuge

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