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July 23, 2012

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BENEFITING: Team Prime Time Inc

EVENT DATE: Dec 01, 2012

Caroline Bandy


Next month I am challenging myself to set aside $1 a day for every day in August for local at-risk youth, and get 100 people to do it with me. I mean just $30 to Team Prime Time will give kids less fortunate the opportunities that so many of us were guaranteed. Painting my next artwork, scoring in my high school basketball games, and simply having my Mom and Dad help me with my homework were all assumed to happen. For these kids, art classes, sport leagues, and unlimited academic help are all unavailable and to them, and our opportunities are considered luxuries.

$1 a day for just one month will we can give these local kids the resources and tools they need to explore their passions and succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Talented and hopeful kids are dropping out of school and ending up behind bars more and more without the available opportunities and support they need to flourish. But we can prevent this by expanding Team Prime Time' after school art, athletic, leadership and academic programs for less than the cost of a couple mocha frappacinos. Seriously. Thats beyond crazy.

Please give. Give Twice. Join my challenge and get the word out to spread awareness. Tweet about it. Annoy your friends on Facebook posting this like 10 times. Whatever it takes. Help me get people to do this so these disadvantaged kids can feel the excitement we got from succeeding when we were growing up.

Take nothing for granted and donate a dollar now. You'll feel cooler instantly.

One dollar. Thirty days. Change someones life.



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Caroline Bandy

Caroline Bandy


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