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We are Princess Addy's Army. We are the family and friends of Princess Adelyn who has just begun her fight against Leukemia. We are committed to praying for this beautiful girl and fighting beside her in any way we can. Now that Addy is nearing the end of phase 1 (the induction phase) we are asking for a little more help. After 26 days in the hospital, Addy is home. Eric, Olivia, and Addy will be making numerous trips to Children's Hospital in St. Louis over the next three years to make sure she is a leukemia survivor. We all know what one trip to the hospital can cost. It's hard to imagine what the next few years will cost this family. Hospital bills, doctor bills, gas, food, lodging - it will add up quickly. Please consider contributing to make this specific burden a little easier for the family. The posts below highlight a few important days of this journey so far: Day 1: My day started off with my daughter still running fevers, for the 6th day. No other symptoms, except the complaint of her bottom, that started a few days prior. A few hours into our morning, her color and spirit decreased even more. Eric and I discussed how the doctor was calling us the next morning (we saw her on Tuesday and talked to her on Friday afternoon ), but I wanted labs now. We thought we could get into our urgent care and get results quicker than battling Carbondale's ER. Well, the PA, Mike (who is wonderful) told us he would like us to go on to the ER. He, of course, looked her over. Ears, nose, throat were still great. Color, not so much. We needed labs. ER had, shockingly, slowed. Got right in. After several sticks and one lab resulting slow snafu. The attentive doctor and nurses ask us Glennon or Children's. An hour later, the helicopter has landed and my baby girl is packed up to go "fly with the birdies". As we arrived, not too far behind her (BTW Eric-thank you for the safe but non grandpa speed), the staff was suprised to see us so quickly but got down to business. Labs had been verified, ER doc spoke, CXR done. Then the oncologist came. MY BEAUTIFUL 3 YEAR OLD PRINCESS HAS LEUKEMIA **#! $!# Even though I was told her Hgb was 3.7 and platelets were 11 with a normal bili, it had to be something else....WRONG. Now, we prepare to find out what type today through bone marrow aspiration and spinal tap, in hopes that my beautiful,curly redheaded princess can be started on chemo mid week. What started this whole spillage of info? Well, we just got her back in bed from the bathroom, juggling her IVs and getting settled. I was trying to make this chair/bed contraption recline. My husband informs me that it either lays flat or sits up. Of course, I respond, I want it to recline. You know I never order off the menu. My dear husband smiled and reminded me that today we have been handed a new menu. So Facebook, those are my thoughts on today. I don't like this menu but it is done. I put my world in God's hands and pray for our sweet princess as I ask everyone else too. (I do ask anyone/everyone that is writing to my son at boot camp to not mention this. There is nothing he can do. It will only mess with him mentally and that helps no one. ) Day 4: Official diagnosis B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL). Tomorrow begins her induction phase of chemotherapy which lasts 30 days. We have already been informed that she will remain hospitalized the entire time due to her fevers and blood counts (or should I say lack of). You know what, that's ok. We are making it comfy and familiar. Any card or picture is hung on the wall. Our beautiful neighbor girl made us a pendant banner that we have hung in our front window. One thing that I wasn't prepared for was the amount of pain our little girl would have. We are told it is bone pain. She's gone days without walking. Some friends, unfortunately, witnessed how intense it was to just get her carried to the bathroom and back. BUT with the wonderful help of doctors, nurses and volunteers (and scheduled pain meds) our screams and owies are lessening with just a few Whoas. As you can tell by the picture below, Art therapy will get her sitting up. She actually walked over to pick out a coloring book. It was a beautiful site to see. So I take this day as a win. Another one done. Day 26: Man, who knew that we would need to adjust to being home. We are all doing well. Unpacked, but trying to throw together "go bags" for future trips (unfortunately they will be needed again ). Rearranging and purging (Eric is thrilled) some things in the house. Trying to get Addy up and moving as much as possible. Doing PT exercises. She is still falling quite a bit (this is with us holding her hand, legs just give out) which breaks my heart and scares the bejezus out of her. Pain to her new Port a cath site is getting better. Only 9 more doses of dexamethasone this round but who's counting. Had another home tutoring with Miss Nat Nat (we are so blessed to have her). Walked outside this morning to see some flowers. Still enjoying her tortillas and ranch. Busy week ahead. We will start physical therapy. First lab draw on Tuesday from her new Port, Possible transfusion on Wed., Chemo, Lumbar puncture with chemo and bone marrow aspiration on Thursday. Praying we will not know any results until Tuesday, August 1st (if they have results on Friday that means there is way too many cancer cells still in her marrow). Thank you again to everyone for EVERYTHING! !!



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