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Princess Patricia Hospital, Uganda (Phase One)

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Uganda is a have-not nation struggling to offer it's people a better place. 

Uganda is not what you remember; Uganda is improving and growing day by day. In their collective struggle to achieve a new place in the global interest, it's people seek better health care, something they know can't remain the sole responsibility of the Government. 

As willing as all parties are (including elected officials) to help, the reality is they NEED our help. 

Get this: Uganda is a nation that honors National Women's Day by way of making it a holiday. It's a day the people are relieved of work, instead it's a time of reflection on the past and an eager eye to the future. This is special to the Princess Patrica Hospital because the facility is largely based on offering specialized training in women's health and endocrine disorders. 

"Conditions such as Fibroids, Endometriosis, Ovarian Cystic Conditions - these all give women enough of a difficult journey in Canada and the United States; even Europe. Women in Uganda, quite frankly.. are screwed," said Patricia Lee, Founder and Leader of CANFib, Canadian Women with Fibroids. 

Lee became an active supporter of Better Living Uganda because since 2013 several women from Uganda came to the CANFib Facebook Page hoping for help. She spent hours researching the availability of options, finding there are very few further exacerbated by the difficult access to them. 

This is a common yet often debilitating condition and represents just one of the many (for men and women) that this Hospital will treat.



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Jo is working on selecting a charity so you can support Princess Patricia Hospital, Uganda (Phase One) .