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We strive in making a change in our homeless community. Our group of 100% volunteers is dedicated to hitting the streets of Las Vegas daily to ensure our homeless friends are fed with clean clothes and providing daily essentials. We work with them in providing medical, dental, vision as well as housing and jobs. Tax ID 47-4711892


With the great relationship P4H has with our community partners and local police we are able to provide a wide variety of items and options for our homeless community. We first establish a relationship with them by providing them with food, clothing and everyday living items. After the trust is built we them start the process of changing thier lives by finding them jobs and housing them through our community partners. We are able to offer Veterans immediate housing and also assist in the application process for HUD and benifits. P4H is also partnered with a counseling firm that can provide family counseling to help a homeless family make a smooth transition.