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Project Inti Inc

We provide aid and education to people living in poverty in Peru. Inti is a Quechua word, the native language of the Andes. It means sun or sunshine and is an important Inca god. Our goal is to spread a little sunshine to families living in poverty through aid and education. Please help us spread a little sunshine. Tax ID 27-3251729


We are a team of U.S. and Peruvian volunteers. The founders began this mission in an effort to advance previous work they had done working in orphanages with children with disabilities and providing support through several natural disasters. 

We work towards empowering low income communities to invest in themselves through educational initiatives whether it be teaching “Leave No Trace” principles, emergency care and first aid, or preventative care through proper hygiene and nutrition. We operate with little overhead costs, the highest being transportation costs to access these more remote villages.

On occasion, we take groups of volunteers with us on cultural and volunteer outreach exchanges. To learn more, please visit us at