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Project12 Photo

The Story

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After my family and faith, I have two driving influences in my life.
First, my passion. I own Cycle City Bike & Running Co. Cycling and running are a huge part of my life.
Second, my purpose. I support the mission of The Global Orphan Project. GO Project helps care for orphaned and abandoned children all the way at the end of the line in our world. I’ve personally met many of these amazing, uplifting children. They’ve changed my life.
In 2012, I’m combining my passion and my purpose. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. In a practical way. With who I am. Right where I am.
I am launching my very own global orphan project: Project 12 to raise awareness and funding for the care of orphaned and abandoned children through GO Project. In 2012, I am scheduled to bike/run/swim in 12 marathon + events that span 3 countries and 8 states. CLICK HERE>> to download the Project 12 Schedule (PDF).
Here is what I’m asking you to do:
(1)  Support Me
I’ve trained hard for this adventure. And I’m giving every red cent that I raise from this effort to GO Project for kids. Please join my team in the Project 12:12 adventure. GIVE HERE>>
(2)  Join Me
I know there are so many of you, like me, who have a fitness passion. You like to run, ride, or swim at events. And you like to do so for a purpose bigger than you. So join me!
Join me at one of my scheduled events. Run with me. Ride with me.
I can help you get your own page just like this started, so you can invite your friends to support you. If you’re interested in joining me and starting your own global orphan project like this, CLICK THE "FUNDRAISE FOR THIS EVENT" BUTTON to start your own project or join mine.
(3)  Do Your Own Thing – Right Where You Are
More than anything, my desire is to see what little I’m doing virally spread. I’d like to see an army of us, all over, jogging 5ks, running half and full marathons, taking on triathlons, living all kinds of big adventures for little kids. Wherever you are, whatever your fitness level, there are events right where you are. Sign up for one. And do what I’m doing. Start your own global orphan project. And get your friends supporting you. Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll help you get started HERE>>

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Joe Fox's Project 12

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