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As servants of Christ, we partner with local authorities and churches to respond to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children by rescuing, stabilizing and equipping them accordingly. We will do this through love and care, counseling, discipleship, empowerment and mentorship in order to achieve a sustainable solution for each child. Tax ID 27-0824704



In 2009, we were a group of ordinary people united by our common heart for orphans in Kenya. Together, we’d experienced firsthand the abject poverty and lack of family stability that plagues so many children of Kenya, and we could not turn away. After witnessing the stunningly beautiful souls and the amazing promise that lives inside each child, we knew we were called to act, and PROJECT 82 was born.

God makes it clear in Psalm 82:3 that we are to “defend the weak and fatherless.” Kenya is home to 2.5 million orphans, and a child is orphaned there every two minutes. A whole generation of caregivers has been wiped out by HIV/AIDS, tribal conflict and poverty-driven diseases, and communities are struggling to care for the orphans among them.

Project 82 Kenya exists in response to God’s call to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children by nurturing them holistically to achieve sustainable family solutions.

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