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We promote conservation, service, medical, and educational activities in the Peruvian Amazon. At our field stations, we foster research and host academic courses, and we work with neighboring communities to provide modern health care and encourage sustainable use of the rainforest. We want the rainforest to be there for you, your grandkids, and for the people who already live there. Tax ID 65-0515019


Founded in 1994, Project Amazonas is a 501(c)3 organization registered in the state of Florida and in the Republic of Peru (as Asociacion Civil Proyecto Amazonas). We look for practical and collaborative solutions to the problems of poverty, environmental destruction and inadequate educational and health infrastructure in the Peruvian Amazon. By partnering with local communities and organizations, as well as with international service groups, universities and health institutions, we can bring financial and physical resources, knowledge and person-power together to institute long-term change and sustainable development. We respect the knowledge and rights of indigenous and campesino inhabitants of the Amazon, and want to strengthen their own institutions and capacities. They are the caretakers of the Amazon. It is their home. 

Like the sun face in the sandbar in front of our medical service boat, we envision a bright future for the Amazon - a future that still has vast forests, wild rivers and abundant wildlife, but also a future where the people of the Amazon have better health, better educational opportunities, and where they take the lead in caring for their environment.