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Project Athena: Helping Survivors Live Their Adventurous Dreams!

The Project Athena Foundation will give scholarships (aka "Athenaships") to one or more applicants on a quarterly basis. This depends on the level of donations, of course, but we're sure it won't take too long for our friends, family and the community to embrace this endeavor! 

*100% of public donations to the Project Athena Foundation will be used to help survivors live their adventurous dreams. We will assist with entry fees, airfare, coaching, specialized equipment, etc., in an attempt to help survivors reach their goals. 

* The athletes and coaches of the Project Athena Racing Team will provide ongoing training, coaching, and inspiration (Free! Yay!) to Athenaship Recipients. We will also attend several of the events and make our new friends feel like the superstars that they are! 

* Each Athenaship Recipient will receive a Project Athena Racing jersey for their special event. This will be a reminder to the athletes and those around them to always try to see "challenges: in life and not "roadblocks".