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Rod King


Project AZURE is a personal project to assist me to achieve all my goals.
I want my headstone to read something like:
Full legal name
Date of birth and date of death.
And a statement saying who I am and what is my place in the world:
I KNOW : "I am an ANGEL, a BROTHER, a FATHER and a THOROUGHLY DECENT CHAP" . 12 ordinary people who have done extraordinary things AGREE and as some are public figures, I will NOT betray their true Identity.
Project AZURE overlaps into other AZURE projects and involves a private investigation into The Australian Aviation Industry which has a public name of OPERATION B.S. I have held the implied consent of the balance of power in Australia since September-October 1997 to continue with my investigation. I am a Biological Asset of the COMMON WEALTH with a trained value of 1.4 Million Dollars. I am very unwell and doing my best to bring about positive change. Please DO NOT misunderstand me as my family does. I am in the business of saving life and limb since July 1989 and I do expect to be paid............eventually.
I need 1.4 Million Dollars for myself, 2 Million dollars to reopen a vacant 5 star Private Hospital for the treatment of Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and Prescription Medication Addicts, unknown amount for The High Court Challenge, 5 Million Dollars for Project AZURE Tasmania 1 (safe places for the Abused and Unloved), repayment to Centrelink and Medicare of around 1 Million dollars which I have cost the Australian Taxpayer since 12th June 1997.
The funds will come from the civil action that will follow on from the criminal prosecution of those in the Australian Aviation Industry who have cost many lives due their deliberate and unlawful obstruction of the application of AVIATION LAW. There will be no taxpayer funded donations and they will be refused because Government Money = Government Control and unlawful interference. The guts of Project AZURE is to: ATTEND TO BASIC NEEDS FIRST. Its all really simple really although it may not appear that way. Persons at the top of any food chain are NOT welcome and may not participate in any way. I cannot do it all and need 5 people. 1 is nearly onboard and another is being tested for integrity, honesty and the capacity for "no strings attached" human kindness. It is happening all around the world- OPEN YOUR EYES- HOPE is back in vogue amongst the reviled, the weak, the ill and those who have no voice.

there will be full public transparency when i can find someone with the technical ability to do it.

Project AZURE-ASIA 1 is nearly complete and Project AZURE -ASIA 2 is under investigation

I have put approx 100 weeks gross income into the Project AZURE account with a Community minded bank in Central Victoria AUSTRALIA. Money spent will be discoled in chunks only as I need to protect the identities of those who have chosen to assist me and they have been well paid because I believe in the principle of: "A Workman is WORTHY of his hire"



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Rod is working on selecting a charity so you can support Project AZURE.