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CROWDRISE : May 21, 2012
Tax ID: 59-3489180
BASED: High Springs, FL, United States


Our Story, Our Goal!

Help Us Create a Visual Legacy of Our Water Planet

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is a USA-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the underwater world. Over nearly 20 years, GUE has been a leader in the education and training of technical divers, having trained more than 20,000 divers around the world. The organization leverages those divers to conduct exploration and conservation projects across the globe.


In 2009, GUE began a global conservation effort called Project Baseline inviting divers and water lovers alike to document marine and freshwater environments while supporting work with other scientific and conservation organizations. Project Baseline is growing steadily with over 70 projects in 27 countries. Project Baseline is a global network made up of hundreds of water loving volunteers who share the incredible vitality and overwhelming stress occurring on and in water, from the surface to nearly inaccessible depths, with their communities. Our volunteers range from aquatic enthusiasts including beach goers, swimmers, snorkelers and sailors to highly skilled scuba divers and human occupied submersible pilots.


No matter what background, interests or skills, our volunteers work towards one unified goal: to create a visual legacy of our water planet by contributing valuable images and numeric data to our free and publically available spatial database. Each volunteer contribution presents a new page in a participating community’s story of how their cherished off shore environments are evolving through time.

Tax ID: 59-3489180 •


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