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There is something fundamentally broken in the world and within ourselves, and everyone keeps claiming a positive change and yet we still see pain and broken lives...

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Play For Something Bigger

Project Delta uses soccer as a vehicle to communicate the Gospel to soccer players, invest in them, their communities, and teaching life and leadership skills.

We believe that there has to be an internal change of a person's heart, before there can be true sustainable change in their lives, and the lives of others.  However, mere behavorial modifications externally do not change the heart internally.  

Jesus Christ who made the bold claim to change our hearts, by forgiving our sins, and transforming our hearts is the only way that people can have a true change.

So we use soccer to connect the dots between The Gospel and life.  Drawing on the game to show how it represents everything that God teaches in the Bible.  When we do this, and get out side of ourselves, and find a purpose greater, then, We are "playing for something bigger."