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Project Gaia promotes clean, safe, efficient cookstoves powered by alcohol fuels. By providing access to sustainable fuels we hope to change the face of energy poverty. We work wherever people struggle to cook their meals.

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3 billion people worldwide cook over smoky fires. In many of these places, fuelwood is scarce and overharvesting often leads to deforestation and increased GHG emmsions. The smoke and soot causes indoor air pollution, resulting in fatal respiratory problems, namely pneumonia in children and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) in women. 

Gloablly, cooking related illness attribute to 4 million deaths a year. Often, the diseases from Indoor Air Pollution kill more people than malaria or HIV in certain countries.


Project Gaia promotes clean, safe, efficient alcholol cookstoves powerd by renewable alcohol fules. We believe every family deserves a smoke free and energy sustainable household.


Learn more visit http://www.projectgaia.com