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Niels Kramer's Fundraiser:

Handshake, Sharing is Caring!

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Niels Kramer


“Handshake” is an non-profit, online marketplace, specializing in "things people need to use, but don't need to own."

John needs a spade to plant a tree in his garden. He joins Handshake and finds that Susan down the road has one she hardly ever uses. John borrows the spade and now, when he meets Susan in the street they smile and say hello. John on the other hand bought a drill 10 years ago. During these ten years, he might have used it for like 50 minutes. So why not lend it to neighbors, friends and follow citizens and save money, save on resources and the environment, meet new people and be helpful to the community around me.

The site connects people who are socially or geographically close to one another, and provides the tools to reduce the "friction" of sharing. This social project will promote the lending and borrowing of stuff between people.

You can set up or become member of a sharing circle. A group of people with something in common that want to share things together. Friends, Family, Neighbors, Parents from the local School, people you work with, a circle for students, young mothers or pipe smoking fathers. These circles will help you set up your own sharing community according to certain needs, and provides with even better mu tual trust and productive social connections.

Project Handshake could give a lot of people access to things the would like to have but don't have the money to buy them. It will make better use of resources, reduce consumerism, and as such be environmentally friendly. The project will enhance mutual trust, social values, respect, and help return the sense that together we can get more out of life!

We would like to continue developing this project. Please help us and donate! it doesn't have to be a lot, every dollar helps

Thank you!



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Niels is working on selecting a charity so you can support Handshake, Sharing is Caring!.