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Project Lets Inc.

Project Lets Inc.
CROWDRISE : Feb 26, 2014
Tax ID: 46-3381454
BASED: Westbury, NY, United States


All It Takes Is One.

Project LETS is a non-profit organization, educational program, and movement dedicated to eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide. LETS will establish LETS Clubs in middle schools and high schools where students can discuss stigma, learn about mental health, plan their own stigma-erasing projects, and lead peer-to-peer education. LETS organizes lectures, presentations, and speeches - and is currently working on a law to mandate suicide prevention training for all educators of 7th-12th grade students! Let's Erase the Stigma! All it takes is one.

The goals of LETS are to: Pass the BP Act which would require teachers, administrators, counselors and specialists who work with students in grades seven through twelve to partake in suicide prevention training;

Provide seminars to educate schools and students on mental illness and suicide; Provide resources and information to students; Receive a changed attitude and full acceptance of these issues within the community and school district; and create Club LETS at schools throughout the community. LETS was inspired by the suicide of Brittany Marie Petrocca.

In October 2009, Brittany Marie Petrocca of East Meadow, New York, lost her life to suicide. After being a part of the after-math, it was clear that the community was devastated and hurting. However, the stigma surrounding suicide and mental illness is so negative, that nobody wanted to talk about it. A school of fourteen year-olds did not know how to handle this kind of situation, and events like these take place every single day. This was when our founder recognized the lack of awareness and education within the community, and began her work for Project LETS. To erase the stigma and to commemorate the lives we have lost in these honorable ways, we must talk and spread awareness. We must never, ever, stay silent. 

Tax ID: 46-3381454 •


LETS Run For It! 5K

LETS Run For It! 5K

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