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Project New Village of Southeastern San Diego serves as a catalyst for local residents, business, academia and government representatives to work together to build stronger neighborhoods, improve the quality of life and to stimulate collective investment in better health. Project New Village strengthens communities through the development of beneficial and nourishing neighborhood food options, creation and preservation of food growing opportunities, providing environmental education, encouraging environmental stewardship, supporting food related businesses and increasing access to locally sourced food.

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The People’s Produce Urban Agriculture Initiative is the signature effort of PNV.  It grew out of a collective call to action among residents and other stakeholders in Southeastern San Diego to change the physical and social environment to address health disparities

This grassroots neighborhood-based initiative recognizes that a disproportionate percentage of residents in Southeastern San Diego suffer from chronic, life-threatening diseases that can be traced to diet, nutrition and physical activity.

Our goal of improving fresh food access in Southeastern San Diego is part of a broad-based movement to build healthy neighborhoods. There is an abundance of vacant lots in our area but a severe shortage of places offering fresh, affordable produce.