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Project Pink Inc

The mission of Project Pink is for ALL women to obtain the necessary life skills to be self-sufficient and live independently while encouraging the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Tax ID 47-3920628


Project Pink was donated a 18,000 square foot facility to transform into our home. 

NOW we need to raise funds to remodel

Participants will work, volunteer, pay bills, and build a relationship with their higher power. They'll be teamed with mentors to focus on varying topics from budgeting, spirituality, domestic skills, communication, and self-esteem. The Goal is to model to participants what a supportive, loving environment is and provide them with the skills necessary to go out into the world and be successful. 

Project Pink is designed to help unsupported pregnant women feel loved, learn skills and grow their self-esteem so they can help themselves. Project Pink offers women a place to call home, an opportunity to rebuild lives, and hope for the future.