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Our mission is to re-engage at-risk youth to complete a high school diploma or GED and acquire marketable skills in construction technologies through the rehabilitation or construction of affordable housing. Tax ID 34-1912951


Participants are between the ages of 16-24, are considered low income and are high school dropouts. In addition, they must meet one of the following criteria: current or former foster youth, youth offender, adult offender or child of an incarcerated parent. There are five core components to our program including education, construction training, counseling & case management, leadership development & community service, and graduate services. The program is structured so that 50% of a participant’s time is spent pursuing their high school diploma or GED, 40% of time is spent learning hands-on construction training and 10% of the time is spent on life skill curriculums that include financial literacy, conflict resolution, work readiness and job readiness skills. Outcome goals for our program participants include (1) placement in employment, post secondary education or the military upon program completion, (2) attainment of a certificate (High School Diploma, GED or PACT Certificate) prior to program completion, (3) increasing literacy/numeracy skills, and (4) retention in placement.