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Kids On A Mission

Our Mission is to EMPOWER and MOBILIZE kids to LEAD projects of compassion and IMPACT the lives of kids in poverty around the world. Tax ID 47-2241415


Hi I'm Kaitlin!  Kids around the world need our hands to help them.  When I was 8 years old God told me to help less fortunate kids in my city.  All I could really do was to start saving money and that's what my sisters and I did.  I invited some friends to join us and when I was 10 years old we made our first big gift of $1,207.20.

By the age of 12, I asked a bunch of my friends to help me and we have now raised over $120,000 and have helped thousands of kids.  We have built a fun playground, homes for kids and their families in El Salvador, gave away 75 annual zoo passes and my sister wanted to raise money and give kids backpacks.  When I was 13, I knew that if we EMPOWERED and MOBILIZED more kids around the world, we could help thousands of kids in need around the world.  I also believe that "the world is our platform and we can change it".

Kids On A Mission is a faith based 501(c)(3) organization focused on inspiring and EMPOWERING kids to lead projects of compassion.  By learning how to lead and communicate, we can MOBILIZE our friends, family and business leaders around us to help us IMPACT more kids.  My plan is to develop young leaders around the country and world to do amazing things.  We are Kids On A Mission.