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Water is the most abundant and powerful element on earth used for various cleansing and replenishment purposes. However, the real problem comes in the picture when water loses its purity and cleanliness due to certain factors. You don’t want your family to use dirty water for drinking, washing and bathing, right?

To solve the predominant water issues in this generation, Ecstazy offers high quality and revolutionary water filter that comes with top of the line features. Our company has been in the industry for years, providing top caliber, effective and durable water filter products and systems both for commercial and residential establishments. Our mission is to secure that people drink and use safe and clean water to achieve optimal health benefits.

Every product we manufacture is well-designed and engineered to reach the highest standards and to provide satisfaction to customers around the world. High class materials were also used to ensure that they will deliver optimal functionality and performance. This serves as our driving force to create water filter products and system that will pave the way for every home and commercial establishment to use the cleanest and safest water free from any harmful chemical residues.

They come available with the following features:

Elegant Design – what sets us apart in themarket is our unique and elegant water filter design that can fit any kitchen or bathroom décor. Every piece and detail is crafted with refinement.

Durable Construction – the design is nothing if the construction is a complete failure.This is the reason why we make sure that everything is balanced to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. We make use the highest grade of materials to ensure that our water filter products will be able to stand the test of time.

High Technological Integration – technology has always been our partner in creating the most amazing and high-tech water filters. If you use our products, you will be amazed on how technology can provide you a clean and safe water to use every day.

Simple Installation – our water filter products also require just a simple installation, so you can use them immediately after your purchase.

We also boast our team of experienced and expert professionals that devote their effort and time to come up with water filter products that can address the needs and concerns of customers. They make sure that every detail of the product is taken care of to produce a perfect output.

We also take pride in offering 24/7 customer support to our valued customers who want to experience the benefits of using Well Blue water filters. Our customer support team is driven by passion to serve and to assist customers in whatever way they can. So, if you have any concerns or problems, just call us and we will always be willing and ready to help you.

It is the right of every individual in this planet to use clean water for drinking, washing and bathing. Well, when it comes to water filtration system, there is only one name you can trust—Ecstazy. Surf our website to know more about the things we have in store for you.

Main Under Sink Water Filter

Whole House / Undersink Water Filter

This is our main Product

Quick Details

Type: Ultra-filtration
Use: Household Pre-Filtration
Place of Origin: UK
Brand Name: Ecstazy
Model Number: L-KF101A
Product size: 134 X 400mm
Designed Water output: 600L/HR

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1pcs/color box 6pcs/ctn

Delivery Detail:
20 Days


1.Catridge material is ultrafilteration membrane.
2.Energy and room saved.
3.Pure physical filteration principle


1. Shell material : 304 stainless steel

2. Cartridge material : Foodgrade UF membrane + wool KDF

3. Feed water source : Municipal tap water

4. Pressure of feed water : 0.1-0.3Mpa

5. Operating tempreture : 5-45°C

6. Service life : ≥3 year

7. Joint dimension : 1/2”

Advantage of Ecstazy water filter

1. Catridge material is ultrafilteration membrane, which filteration precision is 0.01 micron. It can remove the harmful substance from the water , such as mud,sand, rust, colloid, bacteria, virus and so on.

2. Keep mineral substance and micro-element which is beneficial to human body.

3. Advanced flushing function design can ensure 3 years service life.

4. The flux is large enough to satisfy with the family life demand.

5. Save energy, not need to add pressure and electricity, and no waste water appearing.

6. Pure physical filtration principle, not add any chemical substance

7. KDF can remove the heavy metal and chlorine from the water.

8. It can be installed in the cabinet ,save the room.

Water Pitcher

Quick Details

Type: water filter pitcher
Use: water purifier
Power (W): 0
Voltage (V): 0
Place of Origin: UK
Brand Name: Ecstazy
Model Number: L-PF601A
Body material: AS
Lid and handle material: ABS
Color: blue
Inside material: Active carbon, ion exchange resin
Capacity of pitcher: 3.5 L
Cartridge housing material: PP

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1pcs/color box, 12pcs/ctn


Delivery Detail:


Water filter pitcher capacity:3.5L
smart Digital indicator
humanity design
Inside material:Active carbon, ion exchange resin

Ecstazy alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Make your own bottle water yourself !

A glass of filtered water a day ,leave the cancer away !

Water is the one of the important origin to cause cancer. The reason is farm fertilizers/chemicals and industrial pollutants run into our water resource that more and more effect our living environment.

Well,from now on, the problems can be easily solve with Ecstazy Water Filte Pitcher!

Simply pour your tap water into the filter pitcher, a few seconds later, you can get the good and pure tasted water. And them, you can definitely taste the difference immediately between tap and filtered water. Using this for your tea and cooking everyday and you just won’t live without it !

Item No : L-PF601

1. Body material: AS

2. Lid and handle material: ABS

3.Cartridge housing material:PP

4. Inside material: Active carbon, ion exchange resin, natural bio-ceramic minerals ball

5. Capacity of pitcher: 3.5L, filtration capacity: 2L

Ecstazy water filter pitcher offers many advantages

1. Increase water pH from 7 to 10.5, balance the acid and alkaline in human body.

2. Reduce ORP from 100mv to -350mv, make the water is absorbed easily

3. Reduces lime scale and substance, eg. Chlorine, that affects taste and odor.

4. Improves taste of hot and cold drinks.

5. Prolongs domestic appliance life by preventing lime scale

6. Gives full flavor and better tasting tea and coffee..

The pitcher cartridge is the key for cleaner & clearer great tasting filtered water.

1. Reduces limescale and substance, eg. Chlorine, that affect taste and odour.

2. Permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper.

Lifetime of the cartridge

The cartridge life depends on local water quality,such as water hardness, chlorine content.

Based on reduction of chlorine and organic impurities, the cartridge filters up to 300 litres..

To ensure optimum performace, you should change the cartridge in time. To remind you of the next cartridge change, water filter pitcher is equipped with a smart cartridge exchange indicator.


1. ”Smart” digital indicator will remind you to replace the cartridge in time based on the drinking people number.

2. Humanity design make convenience usage

* Easy opening fill lid

You don't need to take out the cover to pour into the water. Just need to press the lid slightly and pour the water inside.

* Easy pour-out

It has a active pur out lid, make you pour out the water easily.

* Smooth grip handle make your hand feel very comportable.

* Easily replaceable cartridge, replacement just only by gently screwing.

3.Fashion design to fit inside refrigerator door to save your space


1pc/color box 12pcs/CTN

Meas : 585*405*555mm

Gross Weight : 16KG

Net Weight : 12KG


1. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep it away from the heating elements

2. Please repalce the cartridge on time to ensure the filtering quality When the indicator light reminds

3. The lid with indicator must not be washed in the dishwasher . Please clean the lid by hand.

KDF shower Filters

Quick Details

Type: Kdf shower filter
Use: Shower Filtration
Certification: RoHS
Place of Origin: UK
Brand Name: Ecstazy
Model Number: L-SF301B
color: Chrome ABS
Inlet: Female 1/2"
Outlet: Male 1/2"

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:
1pcs/color box 60pcs/ctn

Delivery Detail:
15-30 days according to order quantity


1. shower filter for chlorine
2. Remove the heavy metal
3. Protect skin and hair
4. Install easily

KDF shower filter for chlorine

Tap running water for shower is not safe ,stop showering in chlorine!

Chlorine is a toxic gas which attacks living cells.Today it is used to kill micro-organisams in municipal water. It strips protein from skin and hair,leaving the body dry and causing hair split ends and broken hair shafts.Chlorine is absorbed into the body through the skin when it vaporizes in hot water.

It is a water treatment product better than the hair product !

This is Shower Filter----

Rmove the chlorine and many kinds of heavy metal in water effectively and instantly.

Relief from dry skin and scalp.

Healthier younger looking skin.

Softer more manageable hair.

Improved lathering and sudsing.

Reduces fading of color treated-hair.

Replaceable cartridge makes maintenance simple and affordable.

Meanwhile, competitive in price!


Products size: 90 X 120mm

Inlet : Female Thread G1/2”

Outlet: Male Thread G1/2”

Cartridge housing material:ABS

Package: 1pc/color box 40pcs/CTN

Inside material

Calcium sulfite + KDF +Crystal quartz

1). Suitable for the water where chlorin is too much.

2). Calcium sulfite is a new filter material, which can remove chlorine in the water instantly so to attain the purpose of purifying, mineralizing the water quality and adjusting the PH value of the water. Meanwhile, it can also sterilize various pathogenic bacteria and restrain multiplying of the microorganism.

3). KDF , which could also filter chlorine , besides it could remove heavy metal from the water,make the water more healthy.

4).Service life: 1 year


Can be configured with virtually any shower head.

Simply screw into place between existing shower heard and shower arm.

Immediately upon use , you will no longer be showering “in chlorine”.

In about 5 to 7days, the natural balance of your skin and hair should be restored, contributing to healthier,softer skin and less brittle hair.

NB: Select Perk below and include your shipping address when making payment or email the Campaigner and your delivery will be made not more than the expected delivery date.


Select Perk

One Year Subscription     $300 USD

We will deliver Our Main House hold water filer and can only be use for a year. All items will be dispatch after the campaign.

Two Year Subscription   $500 USD

We will deliver Our Main House hold water filter That Can be use for two years. We will dispatch all items after finishing campaign.

Ten Year Subscription  $2500 USD

You will get Main House water filter and shower filters for ten years. This includes free services every year. Your products will be dispatched after this campaign.

Life Time Subscription    $10000 USD

This will provide you all the product we have and we will develop for a life time. And also you will be entitled to Profit share from the company and bonuses. Please contact us for a personal meeting and for legal purposes.






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