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Project Smile





In coming 2014, Traveling 50 States in the US on a 2nd handed Volkswagen T2. While taking photo of smiles on people faces along the way and publish an album.


How does it get STARTED!?

Hello everyone, we are Lawrence and Stanley; we came from Hong Kong and we are buddies since college. We love taking pictures that is cheering and we dreamt about traveling in 50 states of the US on a Volkswagen T2 since we were small. And we wanted to do something to share the joy along the way. This is how “Project Smile” gets started.

What WE will do!!

What we are going to do is spending one and a half year in coming 2014, traveling in the United States in a 2nd handed Volkswagen T2. And we are going to take photo of smiles on people faces from 50 states of America along the journey. After the journey, we are going to publish an album of smileys we collected. Profit generated from selling the album would be donated to the UNICEF. We accomplish the journey we dreamt, creating an exceptional experience to connect with people by sharing smiles and we can help children in need with what we do!

Every dollar from YOU counts

Every dollar of your help counts! The amount of your assistance would determine the no. of smiling faces we can take with our Nikon FM2 135mm film camera, how far we can go with the gasoline in the Volkswagen T2 and how many albums we can publish at the end of the trip.

What We Need

Round Trip Flight Ticket to the US from HK * 2 - $3400
HKSAR Passport Visa Fee * 2 - $320
2nd handed Volkswagen T2 - $2000 depending on condition
(A 2nd handed hybrid car eg Toyota Jazz would be used if we need to compromise the spending)
Gasoline – approx. $5000 for the whole trip
Food & Meal - $250 per day
Inside the Volkswagen T2 - Free
Photo & Publishing
approx. 45 rolls of Fuji/Kodak 135mm Film - $230
Film Processing - $580
A backup Nikon FM2 body - $230
Book Publishing - $5000 depending on the no. of album published
24/7 Camera and Video Streaming
The Video Cam (Andorid based) – $350
Website hosting and Video Streaming – approx. $500
Emergency Fund - $1300

Total Funding Needed for Essential Elements - approx. $10000

(The Above Listed is Estimated in HKD and converted in to USD, Film process and Album Publishment would be made in HK for cheaper costs)

What if we cannot raise enough fund?

We have the idea and planned this trip for a long time ago so we are going to start the trip anyway if we cannot raise enough fund! It’s either by self-financing with our own saving or finding local support along the trip. However, the Part that we need your money most is in the part of 135mm Film Processing, Album Publishing. We can finish the trip with our saving on hitch ride/on a bike or even on walking but we would be hardly having the money for the Album publishing. So below would be the priority for us to spend.

The Priority
1st priority is to get the $5000 for the Album Publishing
2nd priority would be $810 for 135mm films and film processing
3rd the Gasoline & the 2nd handed car we can replace it with hitch ride
4th 24/7 Camera and Video Streaming is a addon, this part can be cut if funding is not enough


What can WE achieve if YOU help?

We believe SMILES can stop violence and change the world. Ever did a smile on a stranger’s face change your day? A little smile can cheer you up when you get fired during the down turn, having bad luck in school, or even a harsh day in which you break up with the boy/girl you loved.
We have been using the Nikon FM2 taking pictures of smiling faces in Hong Kong for a few years and met a lot of friends. We always give a copy of photo to the person of smile we took. So in the days of misfortune, say break up a 3 years relationship, they can cheer themselves up by looking at the photo on the wall of the desk.

Other Ways You Can Help

Big Help: Donate us a backup Nikon FM2, a 2nd handed vehicle in the US, Sponsor us on Flight Ticket, Film Processing or Album Publishing.

Great Help: Spread the word! Drop us a message, a warm bowl of corn soup during the trip.

Most important of all, share our passion with your friends!!



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