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Working to Improve the Quality of Education in Haiti Tax ID 46-2230458


Project Teach/Konbit Pwof has held professional development seminars for teachers and administrators in Haiti for the past 16 years. The seminars are led by volunteer teachers who help participants become more effective in their lesson planning and delivery, classroom management, and school administration by providing concrete strategies and focusing on positive and humane ways of interacting with the children.

Our professional development seminars focus on:

  • grades K-12
  • teaching methodology for specific subject areas (ESL, French language and literature, mathematics, science, and social studies)
  • lesson planning and delivery
  • strategies for working with children of various ages and groups with mixed ages and academic levels
  • assessment/evaluation
  • brain research and brain based learning
  • community building

Project Teach Haiti encourages teachers to treat children with dignity and respect and emphasizes the role that teachers can play in influencing the society at large. Project Teach/Konbit Pwof volunteers remind the participants of what important role models they are for young children, how they help shape their students' thinking about the world around them, and the importance of making the children feel valued and safe -- free to explore, question, and learn.

Our seminars are provided at no cost to the Haitian educators. We are working to raise money to provide them with seminar translatros, supplies, meals, transportation, and to help reduce the cost to our volunteers who travel to Haiti.