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Project Window provides girls in low-income housing projects in Far Rockaway and its surrounding communities with opportunities to reach their full potential and face life with confidence. We empower girls with the tools they need to achieve self-sufficiency and give them a sense of hope for the future. Tax ID 45-4686000


Growing up in the projects, executive director Angela Hines experienced the poverty, violence and failing school systems that affect the lives of young people in the Far Rockaways. Her first-hand experience means she shares a special connection with the girls and young women of Project Window. The need for clean, crisp school supplies every fall, the desire to explore and learn during the summer, and the need of a core group of friends and mentors who understand your experiences, dreams and abilities are all familiar to Angela - and are part of what drove her to create Project Window. 

Her life story has been featured in the New York Daily News and she uses it to inspire young girls because she knows that with more resources and exposure to life outside the projects, success is tangible.