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Prolific Prep

Prolific Prep
CROWDRISE : Sep 30, 2013
Tax ID: 46-3597471
BASED: Calistoga, CA, United States


Our Mission

Be a part of the revolutionary transformation of the approach to preparing student-athletes for college and beyond………………

Prolific Prep, a brand new West Coast Basketball Academy targeted to open in the glorious Northern California Wine Country (Fall 2014), is the central component of the Total Basketball Solution (TBS) competitive advantage and the expansion of 1% Club Basketball Services.  As a qualified 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization, Prolific Prep not only offers students a highly impactful athletic and academic experience but also offers donors and the greater community a unique investment opportunity of broad dimensions.  To play an instrumental role in a student-athlete’s life changing experience by helping shape and promote his ability to achieve beyond his current scope, is an investment that exceeds any other ROI metrics imaginable. The community benefits alongside the student body by way of promoting a healthy form of entertainment, solid family values and participation in local events outside the wine industry.

Essentially, Prolific Prep provides a college-preparatory education on and off the basketball court while transforming a perceived detriment into a positive college recruiting tool.  The ultimate goal is to recruit elite high school basketball players who are also great students and offer them an environment whereby academic standards are not sacrificed in the name of athletic excellence.

Currently, provisioning TBS services to High School student-athletes nationwide is severely deficient in terms of quality of service delivery, fragmented and inefficient in terms of cost.  Generally, one location is providing Basketball Development, a second Athletic Training and, often times, a third both Game-Style Practice and Academics.

Our model, which includes a strong partnership with an Academic Institution in the Wine Country, not only augments the quality of service delivery but also aligns TBS services in one location under a single corporate structure while eliminating fragmentation as well as economic inefficiencies. Our collaborative effort on these historically disparate functions ensures a highly successful program and models for other institutions across the county. The net result is a comprehensive, efficiently managed and highly respected program donors, athletes and the community alike can proudly support.

Tax ID: 46-3597471 •


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Kick-Off Campaign

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