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We get kids to see books differently: Changing the World, One Child and One Book at a time. Tax ID 45-2540702


Promising Pages give books to kids who have few, if any at home. We do so in a unique and exciting way that allows kids to change their attitude about books and seek out books in the future. We estimate there are 60,000 kids in the Charlotte, NC area growing up with few, if any books at home. Yet according to the US Department of Education, if a child is not exposed to books by the time her or she enters kindergarten, the child is 3 to 4 times more likley to drop our of high school. Every year we see children who enter school who have never touched a book before. They don't know which way is up or down or how to turn the pages. Now they have to be rehabilitated back to grade level, a tough task for school budgets and teachers who are already strapped. Check out our segmant on Headline News Please help us change the world one child and one book at a time. 

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