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Jamille Jones' Fundraiser:

Help me assist the underprivelidged embark on a life of prosperity and find employment

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Jamille Jones


There are many individuals who come into the categories of being students, Disabled, single mothers or low income residents that are looking to be apart of home based network and provide customer service, technical support, or soft sales, administrative support to various fortune 500 clients from the comfort of their homes. They want to do this for various reasons including getting themselves through college, supporting their family or earning extra income so the light bill can be paid. Or even they can't seem to find a regular job that really fits their needs. This is a legitimate work at home Professional opportunity that has been recognized by our first families the Obamas and has featured on many news cast's and won many awards for home shoring business. So you can be sure your assisting them embark on something real to look to. The company is called Arise virtual solutions and Prosperity Ventures LLC whom partnered with them in 2011 wants to help those that are less fortunate.

Because the Arise opportunity includes a great Admissions process and requires up front training some people however don't have the necessary start up costs due to their current situations or debts and I want to assist those individuals so they have the opportunity to prove that their financial situation does not mean they can not have just as much courage and be professional and successful as others who have the money to invest upfront. So I am looking for partners to help give these individuals a new opportunity and experience a new way of how life can be in hopes that they take in the opportunity turn themselves in to professionals and then assist someone else that was just like them do the same. I hope that this will encourage their life and possibly be such an impact to them that their family starts to prosper and open doors for them in every way.

An average cost for the admissions includes the
Background check - $45
CSP 101 training course - $99
Client training program - ranges between $20 - $249 depending on the client they qualified and chose to work for.

I have calculated that based on $10,000 I can help a wonders of individuals get started by assisting them with certain items that they may have difficulty paying.

I can help this many individuals with the following items:
Background check : 204 people
CSP 101: 50 people
Client Training : 40 people
Computers that cost no more than 250: 40 people can get

And i can fully assist 25 people if I paid their entire setup .

The payments would only be disbursed to individuals who have shown and proven their need for the assistance and who can write us a letter stating how the opportunity can assist them, what they intend to do with it and what performance level they will provide while working the opportunity. They will also tell how they would assist another once they have proven to be successful. We will then choose the best of quality individuals to be donated their expenses paid the embark on this opportunity.

Some may be fully paid and some pay just get assistance with one or two items depending on their needs. We will have the option to allow some of the qualifiers to pay the earnings back in monthly installments so that we can put it back in the pool of donations so that we can continue to assist more individuals. As when they are working they will have the opportunity to earn all of the expenses in as little as 2 weeks after their training its is truly possible . However paying it back will be totally up to the individual and their graces to do good for others the same as god has blessed them.

I hope you all see my passion and concern for helping individuals gain employment and embark on the opportunity to live life in flexibility and not be affected by financial position but that the community will assist in raising professionals that will continue to help everyone as a team.



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