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Protect our Communities from Industrial CAFOs

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Environmental Action Center wrote -

Want to protect human health and the environment?  Want to stop to large corporations from discarding waste and pollution with almost no consequences?  Want to make them pay their fair share?

Then help us. You can make a real difference.  We hold industrial poultry operations accountable for the damage they do to local communities and the environment.  We need your help.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are industrial-scale factory farms that regularly house more than 500,000 broiler chickens per flock (or cycle) – that’s 2.5 million birds per year.  In 2010, the size of industrial broiler chicken production was increasing at a staggering rate of 5,800 chickens every hour, and the environment and surrounding communities are paying the price.  In contrast, traditional chicken farms raise merely 4,000 to 50,000 broiler chickens at a time on their existing farms, and the scale of waste and pollution emitted is manageable and safe for the surrounding communities.

Why is this so important?

Pollution from large industrial poultry operations has wide-scale harmful effects on the environment and health of the surrounding community, CAFO employees, and the chickens themselves.  Poultry waste and manure is often stockpiled on site and shipped to nearby farms where there is little to no regulation or reporting on what happens to the waste once it is shipped offsite.  The accumulation of litter drains and leaches nitrogen, phosphorous and bacteria into nearby water bodies, which has led to increased nitrogen, E. coli and fecal coliform levels in local rivers, streams, and tributaries.  In addition, these CAFOs emit massive amounts of ammonia, polluting the local air and water, and leading to respiratory problems.  Aside from the already long list of other potential health complications linked to CAFO operations, increased rates of cancer have been reported in areas with a high density of industrial CAFOs.

Who are we? 

Environmental Action Center (EAC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that believes that in order for America's communities to be clean and safe we must address environmental issues both in our wild places, as well as in our own back yards.  Currently, EAC is working in counties throughout the state of Maryland to challenge CAFO permits granted to industrial operators who are decreasing property values through the damage done to adjacent properties, polluting the air and water of the rural community dependent on well water systems, and decreasing the quality of life for the surrounding community.  Additionally, we submit comments on proposed new CAFO operations, fight for stronger zoning regulations, and advocate for environmental justice for underserved and disenfranchised communities.

We need your help. 

Your donations will pay for costs associated with challenging local, state, and federal regulations; completing studies to prove harmful and immediate effects on the air and water around the farms; and standing up to corporations to ensure a healthy and clean planet for our citizens to continue thriving for generations to come.  Any little bit will help, and we would love to recognize our donors through social media for your continued support for our cause.  Additionally, if you know others affected by this matter or you just strongly believe in the work we are doing, please take just a few minutes to forward our campaign onto colleagues, friends, and family members.  We appreciate your help, and thank you for supporting our cause!


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