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Zoran Mitrovi?'s Fundraiser:

Protect our forest and rivers in Serbia (educate people)

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BENEFITING: Three Rivers Area Foundation, Inc.

EVENT DATE: Jul 29, 2016


Zoran Mitrovi?


Why are we doing this?

Urgent need for fundamentally changing! For years we are witnesses of unpleasant scenes in Serbia (floods, landslides, huge snow drifts). The fact is that everyone will condemn the authorities at the local level and those at a given moment lead the country (this is partially true - and often rightly) but, there is a lot of guilt in ourselves. We are witnessing the amazing pictures of the rivers and lakes where the huge amount of garbage deposited uncontrollably, years ago, tons and tons every year ... Also, a lot of reports where whole villages disappear forever under the influence of landslides, the pain and sorrow of people where everything disappears in front of their eyes what they were built and acquired for decades is incomprehensible. In addition, when the right winter comes, people remain trapped in their homes and vehicles in just a few minutes after the snow and the wind which incredible rate paralyzing highways, villages and even many small towns.

  • Why?

Well, because all that power have nothing to stop it!
- No forests to mitigate the wind blows, to maintain high rainfall
- No green belts along the rivers, lakes, roads, arable land
- No reforestation after cutting                                                                             - Not enough volition to move on the labor action to clean up the riverbeds and lakes

- Lack of knowledge and skills to educate and advise people

- Does not have the resources to provide new seedlings ...

No a lot, but,then again... group of young people wants to do something more, wants to educate the population on the spot in areas where the disaster took place, shows how and what it takes to be in the future floods, landslides and huge snowdrifts in that extent not happen, and completely stop.

What are we going to do?

We will educate the population (primarily children and young people) and a common practice to apply the acquired knowledge and skills - how and what kind of plant for preserve land, river, forest ... What happens if only one plastic bottle not be postponed to a designated place? How each individual can contribute most effectively to environmental protection? Answers to these and many other questions will provide the population during the project, active and committed to work to change things and eradicate bad habits!

The importance of forests for the environment:

1. They release oxygen in the process of photosynthesis (1 ha of forest per day spends about 4 tons of CO2 and release O2 about 3 tons)

2. 1 ha forest absorb gases, dust, sediment, filter solid and radioactive particles (scape of chestnut tree about 30 years old can hold about 120 kilograms of dust and 80 kilograms of aerosol per year)

3. bactericidal activity (forest air is rich in essential oils that kill microbes)

4. filtered water, prevent landslides and erosion, reduce noise, mitigate climate change, soothe calm and detachment environment and so on ...



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