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Protect Yourself1 (PY1), is a Non-Profit organization 501 (c)(3) whose mission is to promote personal responsibility and evidence-based health education about HIV/AIDS/STIs and related conditions using music, art, internet, mass media, and emerging technologies such as virtual reality and games. Our programs decrease the myths and stigma associated with HIV and decrease the number of new HIV infections by reducing risky behaviors among under-served youth at disproportionate risk for HIV/STIs. Tax ID 81-0644880


Protect Yourself 1, Inc. (PY1), a non-profit 501 (c) (3), was founded in April 2004, and began operations in Maryland in August 2005. PY1 has been working for years to perfect a model of community empowerment aimed at enabling minority and other disenfranchised populations to address fear, stigma and other barriers to preventing and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS.

We use innovative media-driven strategies to disseminate effective messages on HIV awareness, education and prevention to targeted groups; promote skills-building to reduce risk behaviors; and conduct culturally inclusive social marketing HIV media campaigns. 

PY1's goals:

Develop culturally competent, linguistically appropriate, health awareness, education and prevention programs to engage diverse racial/ethnic minorities;


Produce technology-based health educational media, creative social media campaigns, community services and live/virtual events to improve health;

Promote health educational media, programs, campaigns and services for communities, faith-based organizations, government agencies, businesses and individuals to enhance community-engagement;

Create sustainable, scalable, cross-sector partnerships with community and faith-based organizations, government agencies and businesses to advance health education and prevention of HIV, STIs, HCV and associated comorbidities.