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Proteus Academy

Proteus Academy, Inc. prepares future elite warriors for the rigors of training and empowers military families by providing a support network of resources, activities, and mentorship to help them thrive with the additional challenges faced by family member deployment, training and shifting base assignments.

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There are many systems in place to assist military Veterans post-service, from Government Programs to National Non-Profits.  What we do find lacking, however, is a community-based platform that provides a social support system for active duty military families who face an entirely different set of circumstances than most civilians.  Not only are these parents faced with raising a family, they are required to do so in an ever-changing environment away from immediate family, often with spouses deployed for significant periods of time.  All family members are affected as well - while highly adaptable, children of military families must seek out new friends, adjust to new schools, and delay childhood milestones.  Proteus Academy seeks to provide a critical platform where military families have an immediate and effective support network of resources, activities, and mentorship in order to fully function and thrive.



Through the lens of the original concept of Proteus Fitness, we realized that we naturally provided an organic support system for our Members, most of who, by nature of our location in the largest concentration of Military personnel (active & retired) in the United States, simply happened to be Military personnel or spouses.  We also realized that through our SOPREP Program, we could directly influence change from the other end of the spectrum by providing the future leaders of our Armed Forces with mentorship, tools and training that would provide them with not only the means of achieving the highest levels of physical & mental preparedness to become superior warriors, but also to instill the necessary emotional & spiritual maturity to be the most successful family leaders possible.


While already providing a Membership-based opportunity for Athletic & Physical training for the general public through our Fitness Business Partner, American Sled Dogs Coronado, Proteus Academy also provides seemingly simple services that fundamentally improve the wellbeing of service families.  Services such as free childcare during gym classes enables military spouses the opportunity to maintain physical fitness when they may not otherwise be able, particularly when their loved one is deployed and household responsibilities increase.  With deployment rotations dictating an ever-changing roster of friends and living situations, exclusive social opportunities such as Family Movie Nights, Wellness Days and Monthly Networking events give our service families the chance to meet and make new friends, exchange tips on local living or even make contacts for simple services like babysitting!  


A capstone to our program offerings is our Role-Model Development Program. While not trying to take the place of Dad, our staff are a mix of Big Brother, Camp Counselor and Mentor - providing a Positive Male Role Model while teaching new skills, having fun and helping kids adapt to their changing situations.  Additional programs such as Women’s Self-Defense and Kids’ Counter-Kidnapping classes help spouses and children feel more empowered and comfortable while Dad is away on deployment.


With the standard resources available to military families either in short supply, insufficient quality, or simply focused upon specific needs or populations, Proteus Academy serves to provide not only a space for personal physical improvement and leadership development, but also Social & Educational programs for Service Men & Women and their families to facilitate personal growth, interpersonal networking and a sense of stability that is all too often missing from their lives.