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Prototype: H.L.N. - Health Literacy Now!

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Lorilee Colon


I was an intern for the University of Oklahoma-School of Community Medicine Summer Institute 2010, where faculty members and students from multiple professions (Social Work, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Public Health, & Medical) gathered together and immersed themselves in the community. The goal: to seek solutions for a healthier community. One of the main causes for health disparities in the U.S. is lack of health literacy, among numerous other factors such as home life, transportation limitations, urban design of the environment, etc. As a fellow academic myself, I wish to bring awareness to the lack of health literacy in the adult population, where it is estimated that comprehension of health related terminology (ex. prescription instructions, doctor visits) is as low as at a 4th grade reading level. For more information, please ask!
In order to have a healthier community, I firmly believe in having knowledgeable citizens. That is why I propose the creation of a website that is dedicated to helping Americans not only understand their medical needs, but to also understand the new health reform bill that was passed in Congress this year. A collaboration within the public, secondary/higher education, and health profession sectors must be formed in order to make this website a reality. Let me explain.
EVERYONE should understand the care that they receive and what this new bill means in lamen terms. I wish to make this dream a reality. Any suggestions, advice, or coalition building would be greatly appreciated.
And truth be told, I am not even sure how much money it would cost to create such a website or the paper materials that would need to be created in addition to the website. After all, not every American has access to a phone or the internet. In fact, it is this exact population that would possible be unable to access and read such a website as the one that I have in mind. Which is why I believe that a two pronged approach is needed: through technology and the classroom.
A curriculum should be created that is aimed at all levels of education so that children are raised with the right know-how on how to manage and interpret their own health needs.
I know my idea is not completely formulated yet, still in the idea stage. However, I belong to a university and community who can help make this a reality.
Thank you for your time and consideration and let me know if you have any questions... I love to listen!



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