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I am Currently working to start a Prototype for Educational Reform for Social change.  This project is a Start-up to build a community of roughly 500 people by using volunteer professors/students/educators to give college level education to 500 highly motivated screened candidates.  This project is based off of a resourced based/intellectual economy.  Meaning that resources are pooled throughout the community and you decide your level of prestiege /importance through your education not your possessions.  The project is a prototype to do away with the monetary system through education.


Since the monetary system will not be a part of this society trying to become dependent upon not using it is essential.  This society will rely on all renewable resources. The primary goal is to have solar panels and wind turbines provide all necessary energy.  Water would preferrably be filtered from the ocean and transported to a man made lake 300x150x20 ft.  Since the demand for energy and water consumption is relitively small (500 people) dependency on these resources will be small also. 


The curriculum needed for the project is to consist of educators primarily but not exclusively of:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Social Science
  • Botany
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Culinary Arts
  • Plubing
  • Masonary
  • Transportation
  • Accounting
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Money Marketing


The Community is to consist of but not limited to:

  1. 2 Residential Towers consisting of 10 floors
  2. 1 Hydroponic Garden Tower
  3. 3 acres of solar paneling
  4. 10-30 wind turbines
  5. Entertainment (resturants, movie theaters, night clubs, rock climbing, community video gaming, paintball/lasertag, etc.)- within two residential towers.

The steps to be taken in this project are as follows:

  1. Recruit volunteer Educators to teach basic skills to start an intelligence based community in the studies listed above.
  2. Screen 500 Highly motivated volunteers to participate in the project
  3. Get funding to purchase roughly .05 sq miles of land (32 acres)
  4. Begin Building the Community.
  5. Encourage community envolvement in educational process to further their mental growth increasing the communities ability for exponential growth.

Basically how this system works is that since their is no money, there is no need for mundane jobs that consume most of peoples days.  Instead they have time to take up hobbies, learn skills and enjoy life. 

This program is to prove the theory that without a monetary system life would be more fulfilling and help people grow as a community instead of independently horde material possessions to establish dominance through others misfourtune.  Instead the value of your worth will reside purely in your willingness to educate yourself. 


There will be no degree's handed out, and unnecessary studies are eradicated.  You learn what you are interested in and what is applicable to your lifestyle.  If you want to learn to be a theropist you don't have to study a second language and take an accounting class in order to do so.  Homework and essays would also be done away with since it is a community learning enviornment, people grow together instead of struggle on their own with the pressure of understanding curriculum. 


I am currently looking to network to meet people to work on and help start this program.  I would like to take all of the "My", "me" and "I" statements out and change them to "us" and "we.  So if you know like minded people please have them contact me about getting this program off the ground. 





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