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Provide an opportunity to change the future. Enlight360

Organized by: Isaiah Wilson

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Greetings and thank you for visiting my crowd funding page. I am Isaiah Wilson, an 18 year old entrepreneur who is determined to take actions of leadership and courage to provide many resourceful opportunities to help change the future in various circumstances. I will let you know that this Is a lot to read, but if you want to change the world please continue reading to see a brief glimpse as to how we can do it. At the age of 14, I had an idea to start an organization that would teach youth expansive entrepreneurship. I know your probably thinking "Isn't there Decca?" or "That's what business classes are for in High school or college" but honestly in my opinion, Harvard business school dosent even provide enough education or 'soul' to change the world; because after all that's what I want to do. Not to mention the fact that having an MBA doesn't make you an entrepreneur even if it's from Stanford or Oxford. We all know it's just a piece of paper that cost $50,000, which in return can hopefully land you a career in business administration. It truely must take one hell of an entrepreneur to pay $50,000 to get a job hoping they can become self employed. Thats why theres a difference between business and entrepreneurship, just look at history. Don't get me wrong, this isn't me stating that education isn't important because it is, it's just me stating that entrepreneurship takes self discovery, passion and experience. When I turned 16, my single mother and I became homeless due to an unfortunate chain of events thus leading me to Covenant House Academy of Grand Rapids; a school directly established to provide opportunities for urban youth from the ages of 14 to 22. While attending, I started an entrepreneurship club called 'the commodum society' that taught youth consecutive based entrepreneurship. Being that the school was operated by Grand Valley State University, I as well as my participants had the privilege to work with the Cosecutive Entrepreneurship Organization or better known as CEO on a regular basis. Eventually I ended up dropping out due to my nature of not wanting to participate in a traditional education. Now I happen to be a marketing representative for one of the largest home improvement companies in the state of Michigan. Some how miraculously I have a job where I wear a tie and I have my own desk. Think about it, I don't even have a high school GPA and I make more than some people who have a bachelor's degree. It must take alot more than a fancy looking piece of paper in a frame, because most fast food joints probably wouldn't even hire me. I'm not trying to sound arrogant, what I'm saying is one must never sell themselves short if they don't exceed societies expectations. This brings me to my mission, so here's my statement. Demographically and statistically speaking, most youth who are raised in urban based or lower income societies typically have the same tendencies to have the same idea of success and how to get there. We all know the stereotype that black youth think the only way to become successful is to: A.) Go to college, which is great but that's another demographic in itself B.) Become an all star athlete or C.) Become a big shot musician or more commonly a "rapper". Honestly I must say that after transferring from a predominantly white school and society in the suburbs to a majority black and Hispanic school in the urban community, this stereotype is unfortunately true. After all I was a leader and mentor at this school, so im speaking from experience. While teaching business at Covenant house I was emotionally touched time and time again, to say the least, It changed a lot of my conservative views and outlooks as a young mixed kid who was referred to as "Carlton" or "Tiger Woods" most of my life. To get to the point my mission is to simply provide urban youth, disregarding race or ethnic background, an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship. But here's the catch, there's two types of entrepreneurship. Those who are money hungry claim consecutive entrepreneurship while those who want to help others claim social entrepreneurship or in many cases simple philanthropy. I plan to teach both regarding to my optimistic views considering each route helps the world in there own way. Contrary to the fact that its hard to get a good education and understanding of true social entrepreneurship because theres a lot more to it than just philanthropy. Most of all, I want to provide an opportunity to teach others what entrepreneurship is to me. Entrepreneurship Isn't just about making alot of money, which don't get me wrong that's great and happens to be my life goal. Entrepreneurship is about changing things and seeing life differently. Its about living up to your expectations, not societies. It's about following your passion and being there for the community as a leader both financially and socially. It's about being honest and trustworthy and most of all, its about being humble. It's about courage, it's about faith, it's about taking steps that others haven't, it's about knowing when your wrong and changing it while helping others change. Just Imagine for one second if all businessmen and politicians thought like that. Now imagine if there were no ghettos or slums, no gangs or bums, no poverty, pain and abbsence what so ever. Its not that hard to do really. Because as a young entrepreneur I like to think I have the solutions to many problems, because nothing is impossible. It starts with one small thing like starting this organization that turns into a big difference. It starts with going into the ghettos and reaching out to the youth who crave to be different. It's about teaching those youth business fundamentals and networking them with successful entrepreneur's from many backgrounds to guide them. It's about actually providing them with hand's on experience to learn and provide more than what a text book can teach. It dosent matter if you want to be like JZ or Donald Trump or even P.Diddy or Bill Gates what matters is wanting to be. Wanting to be successful, wanting to be different, wanting to be the change in the world that you want to see. So let us change the world together. Enlight360 is simply an organization of youth who have the desire to better themselves and others. Enlight360 is about Learning together and growing together. Meeting people and reaching out to the community. Being young entrepreneur's who start businesses at young ages. Being role models for others of all ages and backgrounds. Making changes both big and small. Delving towards success and aspiring for Enlightenment. Enlight360 isn't just another non-profit. Enlight360 is a family and a family to the community. I see Enlight changing the future directly by raising Forbes level CEO's and the politicians of tomorrow. Just imagine genuine and caring business leaders, because that's the future I invision. So shall I say welcome to the future and welcome all. Enlight360, "an infinite amount of enlightenment". More information about Enlight360 will be available to the public when the Web page is up and running. Thank you for your patience. Any support going towards Enlight360 wont just go into changing today, it goes towards the growth of changing tomorrow. Best of wishes, Isaiah Wilson Founder of Enlight360 -please note: Enlight360 is not recognized as a legally documented non-profit organization in the state of Michigan. Contributions towards Enlight360 will be documented as donations for a community group and will be used solely to fund any needs and requirements for establishment.


Organized by

Isaiah Wilson

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Isaiah is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Provide an opportunity to change the future. Enlight360.

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