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Pterofin is an innovative approach at creating power using natural wind or water energy currents based on biomimicry. Birds and fish are extremely efficient at using energy to create motion in a surrounding fluid, so why not try to create energy by using that same motion in a moving fluid?

Pterofin technology uses the natural movements displayed by millions of species that have evolved over billions of years. Our products are controlled by a simple counterbalance system that synchronizes the wings’ position and speed with a mechanical leverage point on the body of the device. The outcome is a coordination of harmonizing the wings pitch angle to a natural frequency of the fluids specific velocity, allowing the oscillating motion to be extremely efficient at pumping water or generating electricity at a much lower total cost.

A rotational control system allows the wing or wings to sweep back into the direction of the current, bringing Pterofin power to a stop and acting at that point simply as a weathervane. This makes it much more aerodynamic in high wind situations and gives it a far more streamline profile than any turbine on the market. We like to think it knows how to "hibernate" or go dormant, to avoid over-stress on the parts which usually leads to high wear and tear.

Unlike a turbine, our technology is efficient in low currents, inexpensive to manufacture, reliable in high winds, has a low cost of maintenance, quiet operation, is environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and can be made out of a wide variety of materials allowing it to be mass produced and easily adopted around the world.

Through your support we can pay for the rapid prototyping and final stages of testing for our products so we can work with a manufacturer to deliver you your rewards and build key components for deploying Pterofin technology in developing countries to start saving lives.

Like all projects, Pterofin anticipates a few obstacles along the way to revolutionizing the renewable wind and water energy industry. Our team of engineers have been working on the design for the last three months and they expect it will take at least another three months until completion. After the design is finished we'll need to perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to determine the materials, fine tune the efficiency, and maximize the run time for each working model. Finally we'll need to narrow down our list of suppliers and chose a manufacturer to produce and assemble our products, followed with finding a safe packaging and shipping method. Since reliability is essential to our happy customers, the primary focus on what ultimately gets delivered will be on quality. We anticipate the larger working models may take an additional six to nine months of testing, to guarantee your investment with Pterofin and in our planet, make a lasting impression.

Another challenge Pterofin faces is finding new team members, who not only share our same vision, but also posses the time and talent necessary to add value. This is going to be critical to our success, especially if we are trying to reach millions of people without food or water. We encourage everyone to visit our website to learn more about the current team to see where you can fit in!

Please don't hesitate to ask us a question by clicking the button below or visit our website at and thank you so much for your time!



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