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Public Lands Foundation

Keeping Public Lands in Public Hands! Fighting to keep America's public lands in public hands. Preventing unstable and unsound timber cutting, grazing and mineral oil production. This land is your land! All contributions are tax deductible!

www.publicland.org Tax ID 54-1437054


The PLF’s mission is to advocate and work for the retention of America’s National System of Public Lands in public hands, professionally and sustainably managed for responsible common use and enjoyment.

One of the goals is to increase the public’s understanding of, and support for, the proper management of the NSPL.

Our youth programs are designed to:

  • Engage young people in natural resource and public land management issues.
  • Provide BLM with input and perspectives of young people from which they might otherwise not be hearing
  • Create a pool of “ambassadors” who will continue to be informed on land management issues either as Federal                     employees or private sector employees.