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Public Organization «Alliance of Professional Chessplayers»

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BENEFITING: Chess-In-The-Schools, Inc.

EVENT DATE: Jul 19, 2016

Volodymyr Zavialov


In some sources (IQ and Chess - The Real Relationship, J. Levitt, IQ and Chess strength, etc.) argues that scientific experimental data show a direct link between intellectual games (e.g. chess) and level of intelligence (IQ ). Moreover, the studied target group of youth (from preschoolers to first-year students of universities) there is such an effect that the systematic occupation intellectual games gives the individual an average of 10 points IQ. World chess champion and Russian opposition activist Garry Kasparov said "Typical authoritarian regime, at least, suspicious of any intellectual activity." Obviously, Ukraine refused authoritarianism and try to practice European values should strongly contribute to the development of intelligence. Especially, in article 23 of Ukrainian Constitution proclaims the thesis "Everyone has the right to free development of his personality". But, unfortunately, in recent decades in our countries there is catastrophic rapid intellectual degradation of society and ordinary citizens. This is especially true for young people. School today does not give young people basic skills needed in her adult life - the ability to think logically, critical approach to the problems, the ability to comprehensively and deeply analyze the life situation, evaluate their own resources, the ability to decide, plan execution, and so on. Unlike our country, in March 2012 European Parliament approved the joint project of European Chess Union and Kasparov Foundation "Chess in school" and handed it to European Commission and the parliaments of all countries – EU members. By this step the intellectual games climbed to the highest level of recognition by society - as part of education system in the world today. That’s why proposed our NGO' event (as all our activities) is aimed at protecting rights of youth to free development of personality and intellectual improvement of youth in Ukraine.



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