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Publishing a Book on Learning Divination and Changing Your Luck from I Ching Easily

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First I thank you for your help on my project. I'm Chinese and expert in I Ching ( the Book of Changes or Zhouyi, which is the most mysterious book in Ancient China). I also hope you can read my sloppy English.

I Ching will never be Greek to You.

To learn more about I Ching please check here on Wikipedia. The idea of I Ching originated in the Nature in the palaeoid when there are no words and characters ( Maybe earlier than Noah). Where did I Ching come from? It is long long ago, maybe that time as Adam and Eve was expelled from the Garden of Eden, a horse and a turtle comes from the Yellow River and Luo River in the middle of China, with strange images on their back, which is considered as gift from God or extraterrestrial beings, and the ancient images are kept to this day as original.

The white point means Yang and black Yin. Nobody knows where the mysterious horse and turtle came from, so Chinese people called I Ching the book of heaven.

I Ching is preserved very well since 5,000 years ago, that means it is hard to know, and even few Chinese people know it, because of its awful ancient Chinese. BUT now, I Ching will never be Greek to us! We are planning to publish a series of books on I Ching with simple, clear words so that all of you would be able to understand this book of heaven easily and learn how to predict the future, and change your lucks. It is something like books "For Dummies"

The Principle of I Ching Divination

It is something like Holographic Universe Theory or the butterfly effect. The changes of the Nature tell you some information on your future, your business and so on, and there are also energy fields that affect your business and health.

We are ruled by digits, everything is digit, as we know, the computers are operated by digits, and the universe is a big computer running with digits. People can foresee the future according to the digits the universe shows us.
Now Let's Take an Example

It was Dec 17, 9 o'clock, Dragon Year ( in Chinese Lunar Calendar), Shao Kangjie, the famous magician in Song Dynasty, saw 2 sparrows squalling and fell from the tree when he was walking in the garden, and Shao felt strange and practiced a divination according to the time.

Dragon = 5, Dec=12, so the remainder of (5+12+17)/8 is 2, and the remainder of (5+12+17+9)/8 is 3, and the remainder of (5+12+17+9)/6=1. Well.. Are you feeling confused? Don't worry, because I'm telling you a story of the book of heaven, and if you back me I would teach you all of this.

Okay let's go on. In Ba Gua, 2 is Dui and 3 is Li, and the digit 1 means the first line of the Ba Gua shall change from Yang to Yin, so that Li became Gen.

So the image of this divination is ( You may be confused but, don't worry, I will explain it clearly in my book).

Dui (2, Gold) Qian (1, Gold) Dui (2, Gold)
Li(3, Fire) Xun (5, Wood) Gen (3, Earth)

In this image, Dui means a little girl, which represents the gold (metal) element, which would be hurt by the fire element Li. So Shao said a girl would be hurt.

And let's see the second column. Qian represents an old man and the element is also gold (metal), which hurts the wood element Xun, which represents the leg. So Shao said the girl would be hurt in her leg by an old man.

How about the result? In the 3rd column, Dui (the girl) gets help from the earth element, so Shao said though the girl would be hurt, it would not be a big accident.

Guess what? Shao told the garden keeper that a girl would come and climbed up the tree, and he asked the keeper that don't scare her in order to avoid hurting her, however, the keeper went outside in the second day and there was and old keeper there. When the old man saw a girl climbing up the tree, he shouted at her and the girl was frightened and fell down the tree and hurt the leg.

Why I need Your Help?

I'm planning to write this book for the western world, and as you know, my English is sloppy, I need to hire someone as my translator. I also need money to publish at least 1,000 books in the U.S., but if I succeed this time, I will write more books for you with my own money.

It is not difficult for me to complete my book, and the only risk is publishing. Don't worry that I will give you PDF, hardcover copies, protective talisman and other gifts as I promised even the publishing fails.

1) I will give you the rewards as I promised even the publishing fails, including the post cards, talismans, teaching you I Ching, etc.. All of them :)

2) As for the hardcover copies, I will print it by myself and send it to you with economic shipping method for free, but I cannot sell my books in the book store. They shall be only for you my backers.

3) I will not give up to find suitable publishers for my books.



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