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Rick Osbourne's Fundraiser:

No Child Left Obese/Operation Pull Your Own Weight

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Rick Osbourne


No Child Left Obese/Operation Pull Your Own Weight

Kids who can do at least one pull up are never obese. This little piece of common knowledge, already known by every gym teacher in the history of gym teaching, has recently been scientifically confirmed. That is to say, it’s no longer just anecdotal. It’s no longer just physical education folklore. It’s been proven scientifically.

On the other hand, on average ONLY about 20% of all K-12 students are able to do at least one pull up. That leaves 80% who are unable to physically pull their own weight. And a quarter of those (20% of the total) are overweight or obese enough that their body weight prevents them from being able to do at least one pull up.

Transforming 20% into 80%...
Now logically speaking, from this scenario of statistics we can conclude that on average, 60% of all K-12 students can be characterized as not obese, yet lacking enough upper body pulling strength to be able to do at least one pull up. And it’s this 60% that Operation Pull Your Own Weight concentrates on because, given the right opportunity, almost all of these kids can learn to do at least one pull up in a predictable amount of time (one school year).

Let me say this a little differently. If this 60% of all K-12 kids were exposed regularly (twice a week) to a height adjustable pull up bar and a technique called leg assisted pull ups (jumping and pulling at the same time) almost all of them would learn to do at least one pull up within one school year. That means in one school year 80% (60% + 20% = 80%) of all K-12 students could naturally immunize themselves against obesity for life by learning and maintaining (through good eating and exercise habits) the ability to do at least one pull up, leaving lots more time to concentrate on the 20% who are now struggling with obesity.

The Problem is that...
• Currently only about 1200 kids (all in the western suburbs of Chicago) are being exposed to this experience and are making regular, weekly, monthly, documented progress towards naturally immunizing themselves against obesity for life.
• State coffers are in the red and school budgets are being slashed.
• School boards and administrators think they can’t afford the equipment necessary to allow their students an opportunity to beat obesity.
• Most educators don’t even know about this simple solution.

That’s where this new website comes into play. Yes we are soliciting your donations to help get the word out via our monthly childhood obesity prevention newsletter to educators who are in schools, YMCA’s, Park Districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Scouts, 4-H, Big Brother/Big Sister groups, and church based youth groups.

But More Important Than Your Donations…
But more important than your donations, we’re soliciting your active involvement in your local community, on behalf of your own kids. You see, we help kids develop personal responsibility taking behaviors that produce confidence, dignity, self-respect, independence, resilience, and strength of all kinds. Moreover, as this kind of behavior increases, the need for charity automatically decreases. In other words, we're proponents of teaching kids to fish for a lifetime rather than giving them a fish for a day.

How Can You Get Involved?

1. You can start by buying a copy of our book entitled “Strong at Everything, Weak at Nothing: How to Motivate Your Kids to Eat Better, Exercise More, and to Naturally Immunize Themselves Against Obesity for Life.”

2. Once you have it, then read it (a quick 150 pages), and implement it with your own kids…better yet with your entire family. Walking the walk is much more effective than merely talking the talk.

3. Once you’ve made enough regular progress that you’re really excited about what you’re doing for yourself and your family members, tell your friends and neighbors about it and show them how they too can naturally immunize themselves against obesity for life.



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