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"PuRRS is dedicated to the welfare of all purebred and domestic cats, and to providing them with educated, caring, and permanent indoor homes."

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The main function served by our rescue is to support shelters and fellow rescuers as they deal with situations dealing with pedigreed cats, either single intakes or large numbers encountered in breeder-hoarder cases.  

These situations can be a huge burden to any organization, and we have developed a network of reliable experts to turn to for breed-related problems, such as breed-related behavior and medical traits, fund-raising, finding able foster homes, and help with advertising cats available for adoption to those who may be seeking a particular breed.

We have frequently worked with CFA's Breeder Assistance Program, Humane Society of Delaware County (Ohio), and various breed rescues.

We are particularly involved in Turkish Angora rescue, and helping organizations dealing with this breed, but we have networking with breed rescues for many breeds, and assist with any breed needing help.

Some of our past cases include 212 cats of four different breeds, in Modesto, California, as well as 107 Turkish Angoras in Clarksburg, WV.  We are a small group, and deal with such cases by networking, as we do not have the ability to foster large populations.