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The Purple Knights of Mississippi is a non-profit organization, we are trying to obtain our 501c3. I am Jeramey Anderson, President/Founder & CEO. My junior year in high school, I saw the need for change in my community, being a young male in society, I saw the problems that young males in my community and several surrounding communities were face every day. One day I had seen enough, one of my classmates were arrested for sexual and drug related activities. At the time of arrest he was 16 years old, at that point I realized that something had to be done to save our males and it started with our youth. The person to save them in my opinion was me. Thus forming this wonderful organization dedicated to serving and inspiring young males to believe, achieve, and success in every way of life teaching them social, recreational, spiritual, academic success, brotherhood, community awareness, and leadership skills.

I do consider my approach innovative. I say this because, through our observance, the young men in our organization came in as strangers and through our creative curriculums and activities have grown to learn and adapt to the ways of their fellow members. This proving that our system works. What we have done is created a program like no other. We have reviewed several different organizations, fraternities, youth groups and more too successful cater to our targeted audience. Thus creating this successful and expanding organization. Our organization combines stepping, dancing, religion, academics, community involvement, mentoring, drug and jail prevention, scholarship programs and leadership workshops. We produce well round men that will capture our nation and enhance the lives of others around them.

The program was designed as a vehicle to provide mentorship for young males in grades 6th – 12th who are actively enrolled in school. We achieve by hosting personal and career and educational development workshops, organizing community service projects and hosting cultural and spiritual activities. The program is set to give each member and opportunity to learn the skills needed to better prepare them for their future. The program was established in 2007 and organized and received its non-profit status in 2010 in the State of Mississippi.

Purple Knights of America is seeking to look ahead to the next two years to see how we will take our initial success and transform into a sustainable organization with earned production by providing a significant part of our budget. By reaching more and more potential autonomous chapters, PKOA will keep its chapters in demand, allow the staff to be selective in the choice of programs, and warrant the membership fees charged. The marketing plan will give our staff the direction and specific goals needed to focus their work activities on a day-to-day basis.

The Purple Knights of America helps convert the creativity and passion of prospective youth leadership programs for young men. The mission of our organization is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic achievement, exemplary character, and promote community service in Jr. High and High School students. With character education, leadership training and ongoing support, these individuals will eventually progress themselves full-time in their professional roles. In the end the PKOA hopes to bring economic revitalization to local communities by helping to reduce poverty and unemployment rates in the areas in which we serve.

The typical Purple Knights of America employee/volunteer has many goals and vision, however, the biggest of them all is simply, “making a difference in the lives of youths”. Many of the youths we serve come from single parented households where most Mothers and Grandmothers are portraying the roles of both parents; Whereas, other members of the organization come from a parented household which is headed by both the Mother and the Father. The PKOA’s picture is to create an environment that will meet the needs of most disadvantages that our youths may face. In doing so, our goal and mission is to provide the support they need by offering programs within the organization that is tailored to their needs. In the PKOA program, these young men are surrounded by other supportive members of their brotherhood, who share the drive to achieve educationally and exercise their creativity in a way that will help them become successful leaders. The leadership program is designed to give a sense of empowerment by showing the students how each one of them are important in life and are able to become successful and productive leaders. The overall goal is upon graduating from high school, each individual will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective leader, knowing that PKOA is there for him as a resource as he moves forward with his future endeavors.



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