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Purposeful Youth Detroit

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Purposeful Youth Detroit (PYD) is a nonprofit mentoring, leadership and service learning organization for girls. Through individual and group mentoring activities, we teach girls the how to develop healthy self-esteem, leadership skills, confidence and how to implement solutions to the problems that Detroit faces.

Raising Queens: What Happens When Girls See Themselves as Royalty 

When a young girl sees herself as a Queen, she is prone to carry herself with respect, require the respect of those around her. She will love and accept herself and know that she is important.

Our Mission. Purposeful YOUth Detroit seeks to empower, educate and inspire youth to identify their purpose and develop into productive and audacious leaders of the national and global community.

Our Vision. We envision:

  1. Raising up a group of girls who defy expectations of society. 
  2. Inspiring youth to understand that walking with dignity, self confidence and purpose far outweigh the trend of existing in over-sexualized, violent and reckless behavior that plagues society's youth.
  3. Inspiring young girls to become positive trendsetters and trailblazers. 
  4. Developing girls to believe in the power of their words and actions.
  5. Encourage girls to create goals for success and follow steps to achieve them. 
  6. Helping children see the beauty in just being children.

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