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The mission of P.U.R.S.E. (Partnering Under Real Situations Everyday) is to Educate, Encourage & Empower teens to take a stand against dating violence! P.U.R.S.E. Foundation is addressing the community need of providing teen dating violence and domestic violence awareness prevention, programs and resources to help stop the cycle of abuse. The organization services the community at homeless and domestic violence shelters with food, clothing and school supplies.  The exposure to violence goes beyond adult couples and can have a direct impact on families, specifically children if exposed to violence.  According to the National survey of Children’s Exposure, found that 1 in 15 children were exposed to intimate partner violence between parents, or between a parent and the parent’s partner.  Parents and or caregivers are children’s first exposure to a healthy, safe and loving environment. If parents are indeed victims of domestic violence, this can cause trauma to their children, making them more susceptible to dating an abusive partner as a teen or future adult.